Kids never cease to amaze us. We bring to you a series called 'Kids say the dardnest things'. This segment has all the makings of a blockbuster movie. It could leave you laughing, amazed, and sometimes even plain shocked. This week we feature the kids of Jayanti Pandey and Shravani Bagchi.

Jayanti Pandey says, "It was our anniversary a few weeks ago and it being a working day, middle of the week , we had not planned on going out/doing a party etc. I asked my daughter if she wanted us to do something special and she said, " Mom, I want nothing. But tonight when you sleep, I want you and Papa to hold hands while sleeping……"
We were amazed and touched by her perspicacity and her connect with the non-material things at still a very young age….



Shravani Bagchi-Chowdhury says, " Arnav, then 6, was overheard telling his friend when he said that I should know Michael Jackson…"My Mamma doesn't know anything cool.  She grew up when there were just 2 channels on TV – can you imagine?!"
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