People of all ages love to play games that are fun and motivating. Therefore one of the best ways to make learning fun is ensuring that you organise exciting and engaging educational games for children during your interactions with them. Educational games for children offer opportunities to deepen an understanding of concepts learnt in school and teaming them up with HP Print Learn Center’s worksheets will ensure that your child’s learning journey is filled with smiles, laughter and conceptual clarity.

Educational games and worksheets give kids opportunities to explore fundamental learning concepts across subjects, for example counting sequence, one-to-one correspondence, computation strategies in math and language conventions, comprehension, fluency, phoneme awareness in literacy. At HP PLC you can avail of age level worksheets from ages 3-12 years. These worksheets include activities and fun educational games as well. All these educational worksheets have been designed by experts. The worksheets target age-appropriate learning goals and reinforce concepts taught in school. These are a list of some educational games for kids you can play with your child.

I spy

educational games for children

I Spy is a game that is always a favourite with kids. It can always have an interesting educational twist as well.  For example, you can play the game at home or when you’re having a walk in the park or even when you’re thinking about what ingredients to use when you’re making a sandwich.

Here are many variations on this game:

  • Something beginning with sound…
  • Something that rhymes with the word…
  • Something that is shaped like a…
  • Something the colour of…

You will find similar educational games online that can also be paired with HP PLC worksheet. For example in this worksheet here the children have to play the ‘I Spy’ game and find the numeral 6

Magnet wand Game

educational games for children

Activities do not always have to be online educational games for kids to learn something, in fact you can make up educational games at home. For this activity attach a magnet to a ruler to make it into a wand. Take a tray with magnetic letters and have your child pick up the letters with the help of the magnetic wand. Team this up with HP PLC worksheet of Alphabet Sequencing.

Deck of Cards Game

A deck of number cards can be used as an excellent educational game for children and can be used in many fun ways to practice math concepts. For example, you can practice the concept of greater, lesser than and equal to using the cards. To play the game, have the child pick up a card and place it in a manner that shows the number on top. Next, let the child pick up another card and place it next to the previous card. Let him/ her compare the 2 numbers after identifying them. Which number card is greater/lesser or equal and place the correct sign in the middle. You may also play the game with 2-digit numbers to increase the complexity of the game. Team this up with the HP PLC worksheet of Comparison of Numbers.

Math with Dice

Manipulatives such as dice are a great learning resource which can be used to play a variety of educational games. For instance, a great way for children to practice addition can be through a quick and fun dice game. Have your child pick up a number chit and read aloud the written number. Next, ask the child to use 2 dice to form the given number. For example, the child may use 2 dice that show numbers 5 and 6 to make number 11. Similarly encourage the child to come up with different number combinations that add up to the given number. Team this up with the HP PLC worksheets of Addition.


Bowling for Sight Words

Movement while learning helps in breaking the monotony and keep children engaged. Write the sight word written on a paper cup and place them like bowling bottles. Let the child bowl using a ball. Next, ask him/her to read aloud the sight word written on the fallen cup. The same activity can be used with any new words that the child has learnt related to different subjects, be it Science/Math/English etc wherein the child can explain the meaning of the new terms learnt using the same activity. This same concept can be explored through the HP PLC worksheet on sight words.


Racing Ramps Game

Science is all about experimenting. Children love playing with toys such as vehicles in particular. Build a ramp to test the speed of different objects. Race the cars and balls on the ramp and discuss why some objects move faster than others. Consider the weight and shape of each object. You may also explore racing the objects on different textured surfaces. For example, place a towel on the ramp and observe the difference in the speed as well as explore the concept of friction. Pair this activity with a HP PLC worksheet that will help children record their observations.

Home Exploration

Mathematical concepts such as measurements need not be only practiced through word problems. A more practical approach to understand this concept is by observing and measuring things in your surroundings. The HP PLC printable worksheets on measurement can be used to move around the house and measure the different areas of the home with one’s feet. You may also have the child explore areas outside the home such as in a park or a playground and use a particular unit of measurement later as a variation to the same activity.

Online educational games for kids offer exciting opportunities for children to practice the concepts learnt. Some educational games online that children can play are –

Twelve a Dozen

This is one of the educational games online that introduces the initial thought process involved in solving algebra and exploring longer, more complex algebraic equations. The child has to help Twelve save her family from being destroyed – by solving puzzles based on core math concepts. Team this game up with HP PLC math worksheets that can be downloaded from the platform

Think rolls Play and Code

This is a puzzle online educational game for kids that introduces kids to concepts in physics and develops precoding skills. Kids need to help the character navigate the maze by solving puzzles. They learn about gravity, force, spatial reasoning, elasticity, and more. And because they also learn coding, kids can create their own puzzles in the game as well! Strengthen more such Physics concepts by downloading the science worksheets from the HP PLC platform.

Endless Alphabet

Learning is fun when there is an auditory and visual effect involved in it. This online educational game for kids will allow the animated monsters to teach your kids everything from basic ABCs to complex sentences. It has puzzle games with talking letters and well-illustrated definitions to help your child learn to read. Pair this game with Language and Literacy worksheets available on the HP PLC platform.

Educational games for kids encourages strategic thinking as children find different strategies for solving problems and deepen their understanding of various concepts. When played repeatedly, these educational games support students’ development of computational fluency. Educational games online, also present opportunities for practice, often without the need for teachers and parents to provide the problems. Educational games for children support a school-to-home connection that can be reinforced with Hp PLC printable worksheets. Parents can learn about their children’s level of comprehension by playing these with them at home.