KinderPass launches Grow Right Campaign, and the World’s First Ever Video-based development check for children

Highlights the importance of all-round development tracking for children in the early years


31st October 2022: KinderPass, a pediatric behavioral health platform, today launched a unique ‘Grow Right Campaign’. Through this, parents will be able to easily track their child’s all-round development across key growth parameters and take timely action where needed. The campaign aims to help every parent give their child the right start and help them thrive.

Speaking about the ‘Grow Right Campaign’, Sumedha Khoche, the CEO & Founder of KinderPass, said, Reports show that the incidence rate of developmental differences, delays, and disabilities like Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, speech delays or issues such as anxiety in children has been growing very rapidly. To address this, monitoring early childhood development is extremely important and we hope to make a positive impact with the Grow Right Campaign. Developed with inputs from experienced Pediatric and Montessori experts, the free and easy-to-use tracker will enable parents to map their child’s physical, cognitive, language, and social skill milestones. The simple questionnaire will also help to identify any red flags, for which we offer 1 on 1 online consultation with experts for timely intervention and guidance.”

Dr. Jawahar Surisetti, a psychologist and educationist of international repute known as the Think Professor for his ‘Art of Thinking’ and ‘Think for India’ movement, has also highlighted the need for regular development tracking. There is an urgent need for parents and teachers of early-year kids to do periodic developmental checks as we do the academic reports. It will help solve a lot of later life issues if identified at the right time.”

Committed to making a difference in every child’s life, KinderPass has ensured that language is no longer a barrier for parents. It has also introduced the World’s First Ever Video-based developmental check in 6 different languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. 

The KinderPass Grow Right Growth Check Campaign is extremely simple and user-friendly. Parents can download the free KinderPass app or log on to the website (  and take the free Growth Check for their child. After the assessment, a detailed report is shared via email and a free online consultation with a child specialist can also be booked. The Grow Right campaign will be live from 1st – 15th November for free developmental checks and participants stand to win exclusive digital vouchers worth ?10,000 from partner brands like Mothercare, Kutuki, Klay and TugBug.

Parents can also walk in for a Growth Check assessment across participating Klay preschools in key cities (share list here) where they can participate in fun developmental activities and also, interact with expert child specialists for guidance.

Through the ‘Grow Right Campaign,’ KinderPass aims to help parents understand the different facets to their child’s overall development and get timely intervention in case of any delays or learning or behavior challenges.

As one of the fastest-growing platforms in this niche, KinderPass has recently raised $500K in pre-seed funding from Goodwater Capital, Momentum VC, Rebalance Angel Community, Better Capital, and angels from Super Morpheus. The new Grow Right Campaign marks their next big step in bringing a positive impact in every child’s growth in the crucial early years and timely tracking and intervention to help each child thrive. 

About KinderPass:

As a new parent, you always wonder if you are doing the right thing for your child. To help remove the guesswork from parenting, KinderPass brought together scientific research and rich experience of a diverse panel of pediatrics experts to a single digital child healthcare platform. The KinderPass app provides a personalized activity plan, screen-free brain-building activities, parenting tips, healthy recipes, 1:1 consultation with experts, and a progress tracker for your child’s complete development. Popular with 180+ countries worldwide, KinderPass is fast becoming the go-to resource for parents.


This is a Press Release by KinderPass