I was on the Women on Wealth WhatsApp list for close to a year without a clue as to who they are or what they do. So what’s new? Everybody wants to be rich and famous. Ok, at least rich. And everybody who is a coach, consultant, a healer has the answer to how to be rich or more “spiritually” how to attract abundance. What’s different was my question? And then one day early Feb this year I got a call from a woman who spoke to me about what the Money Gym program had done for her.  A home baker from Nagaland, settled in Gurgaon Prema Gurung told me how life had been – saddled with EMIs, going cut to cut every month, suppressing dreams of owning land or a flat, no medical insurance and not knowing what, if anything could change the script. And then Money Gym happened to her. In just 20 months, Prema and her husband cleared 10 lakh of debt, built an emergency fund (three months living expenses), insured their health and themselves, took her home baking biz to the next level and invested in real estate in their hometown Nagaland.  She now runs a bakery out of Golf Course Road.  It spoke to me of getting a handle on one’s finances, focusing on what is critical, realizing a long-cherished dream, and most important experiencing joy.

Priyanka Bhatia, co-founder of Women on Wealth conducting the session

I wanted to do join the program instantly, however, they wouldn’t let me, without attending their Discovery Session.  I was really perplexed, most organizations conduct introductions to sell their product or “scheme” or course and I was already sold on it the moment I put the phone down after talking to Prema.  The difference began there.  If Prema’s call made me say wow, I’d like to have what she got, the Discovery Session had me going “Haan Bhai Haan” like the 80s Coldarin commercial.  It also got me to acknowledge that without attending the session, had I jumped straight into the program I would have missed a lot, the whole context for Money Gym is created in the Discovery Session.  In short, it is 90 minutes of dynamite –

  1. We discover what has been happening in our money life.
  2. Our money habits begin to get exposed.
  3. The fog around our equation with money begins to clear.
  4. A picture of what needs our immediate attention starts emerging.

Back then, they had just two participants for the Money Gym program so the sessions got done over Google Hangout. From the word go, session 1 gets us to envision our goals and our life, it was a roller coaster ride for the next three months. Once I had a vision, nothing that was inconsistent with it could last very long, rather it had to be removed ruthlessly.  I did my assignments sometimes with cheer at others just plodding thru it like it were holiday homework and each one worked for me.

When I came into the program, I was 6 months short of my 50th birthday.  I have been a single working girl, an at home mom, a working mom, running a startup, now 4 years and breaking even – so varying sums of money have flowed into my life and I can say with conviction, I have never felt comfortable leave alone confident the way I do now.  I know the money map of my month and year, I have a retirement picture emerging, my resources are wisely deployed – time, effort and money, Before I fall asleep I am not making lists or checking boxes of payments made or to be made.  What I have are satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness.

So I’ve said a resounding YES ! to represent Women on Wealth in Gurgaon, I host their classes, Discovery sessions and promote the program to my friends, acquaintances, former colleagues and the women’s groups and communities on social media.  We currently have 2 batches running out Gurgaon, as in face to face classroom sessions unlike the online training available previously.  I am privileged to be part of this organization and honored by this opportunity to turn around lives because truly money has an impact on each and every area of our life – health, relationships, career, leisure. If you’d like to find out more, please email me at [email protected]. Do visit womenonwealth.in too to find out more about the organization and the other programs they offer.