Headline: CM on the street

cm-460x250Last week, Delhi citizens were in for an unusual sight – that of their Chief Minister sleeping in the street. Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s newly appointed Chief Minister spent two days (and a night!) on the streets of central Delhi, very close to Parliament House. He was protesting for the suspension (removal from work) of two police officers who had refused to arrest people on the orders of his team member and Delhi’s Law Minister Somnath Bharati.


Headline: A tale of two cats

leopard-460x250Over the past week, two big cats in two parts of the country have been in the news. In Mumbai, a leopard that was seen prowling Aarey Milk Colony on the outskirts of the city was captured by local people and the forest department. Further south, in the green hills of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, a man-eating tiger was shot dead by forest officials. The two events both go back to the larger problem of man-animal conflict in the fast disappearing natural habitats of India.


Headline: Scientist from India wins Marconi prize

paulraj-460x250Arogyaswami Joseph Paulraj, an India-born professor working in the United States (US) has been awarded the Marconi prize. This award is called the ‘Technology Nobel’ as it is one of the most important honors that can be won for technology-related work.



Headline: 2014’s Coolest Tech

occulus-300x188The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas in January every year. It’s one of the most important technology shows in world, and companies feverishly compete to present the best and brightest in tech. Let’s take a look at a few gadgets that created quite a stir at CES over the past fortnight. Not all the gadgets mentioned below may make their way into Indian stores, but they are worth a look just to evaluate where technology is heading.


Headline: India lose top ODI spot

cricket-460x250The Indian cricket team is no longer the No 1 One Day International (ODI) team in the world. It lost its top ranking after losing a match to New Zealand earlier this week. India has been replaced by Australia as the No 1 ODI team in the