What an eventful week that was! Each one of these 5 events captured people's imagination, prime time TV and endless reams of print media!

1)The week started on a sombre note. Sunanda Pushkar wife of Union Minister Shashi Tharoor was found dead in a suburban suite, after a bitter twitter fight with Ms Tarar, a pakistani journalist, over Mr.Tharoor . Autopsy suggested drug overdose. Couch critics were up in arms against the popular social media and their effect on the vulnerable human psyche in these stressful times. Pertinent?

2)BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi unveiled his plan for Brand India with focus on 5 Ts – Talent, Tradition, Tourism, Trade and Technology. Hopefully the campaign for elections 2014 should now move away from slugfest to meaningful debates on ideas and issues which matter to the voter.

3) Delhi's CM undertook a two day protest to demand the suspension or transfer of the five police personnel in connection with the three cases that rocked delhi – alleged drug and sex racket in khirki extension, gang rape of a Danish lady and burning of a woman by her in-laws. Finally warm Paranthas by L-G on a very cold day brought about peace…Mr.Kejriwal brought out extreme emotions in people with his dharna. Either with him or against him. Nothing less..

4) The largest free literature festival in the world – The Jaipur literature festival wound up on the 21st with guest speakers such as Amartya sen, Gloria Steinem, Jhumpa Lahiri, amish Tripathi etc. A week to be marked on one's social calendar.

5)Indian cricket team is currently touring New Zealand. Having lost both the one-day matches, they have lost their No.1 spot, bringing back the debate – Domestic Devtas but Overseas Ordinaries … Hmm

Do have a scintillating week ahead!

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