It looked like last week was unfolding with its own set agenda, unravelling at a rapid pace. We were inundated with events and more events

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 11.42.27 AMThe top attention grabber of the week was Gravitas in the making, Mr. Rahul Gandhi. His debut television interview with his 'Na Jawab' style sent the netizens, the tweeple into raptures of satirical censure and lampooning the 'shehzada'. A self declared Anomaly whose blood boils at the unfairness of it all, poured on about, overhauling systems and processes, corruption,women empowerment and RTI. As he pontificated about his pet peeves (Modi, Gujarat Riots), he came across as a person strangely disconnected with ground realities. Mr. Gandhi your curious lack of engagement and staying clear of specificities will not help your party at the electoral hustings. Next, grapevine has it, RaGa will unleash himself on NDTV…. you have been forewarned!!

republic2_012614120603We as nation proudly celebrated the 65th Republic Day. The Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe was the chief Guest. India has invited Japan to invest and build infrastructure in NE, which is out of bounds to China. A welcome move indeed, now that even Obama has stopped saying that their jobs have been 'Bangloored'. President Pranab Mukherjee approved conferment of 127 Padma Awards including one duo case, though PadmaShree Vidya Balan was carrying it too far. In address to the nation, he said " Populist Anarchy cannot be substitute for governance" in a thinly veiled reference to Delhi's CM Mr.K


Mr. Anarchist himself, quietly completed one month in the office. Though it's too small a time frame to do stock checking, the Muffler Man was never out of news. Whether it was his power show at Pranab's party at the Mughal Gardens or his Shivaji ka 'B'a'raat' (Binny, Bharti, Birla)'s propensity to land AAP in trouble or his innovative twisters – power and water, he just kept people guessing about next moves. Corruption seems to be the all pervading Mantra! 

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Supreme Court dismissed the petition seeking the review of its decision to uphold the validity of sec377. Gay love, seriously, is not happening

India continued it's dismal display losing the one day series to NZ. Dhoni told his bowlers to use their brains.. If only…But Tennis had some Aces unspooling. Chinese LiNa won the Australian open at 31 provoking once again it's never too late to dream big and execute. Swiss Wawrinka won over the big Rafa. What if Nadal's back wasn't injured. would the result been different? Winner takes it all

Thats it for now. Ladies keep smiling, maximize your day by smart scheduling and do take care of yourselves. A fit captain ensures a smooth sail