At age thirteen, she topped her school in Grade X. By the age of sixteen, she had completed her graduation. She had finished her B.ed by the age of seventeen. At twenty, she topped the prestigious Panjab University, winning a gold medal for her Masters.
Armed with a scholarship, she got through Miranda House as a lecturer. Subsequent marriage and even with two children in quick succession, she went on to complete her Ph.D. by age twenty-seven.

Life was not easy and she lost her husband when she was forty-eight, with the children unsettled and a big looming future ahead. She settled herself into being the single parent and pushed her loneliness into her writing.
Retired as a Professor from Miranda House, she went on to learn computers and wrote the first book in Hindi on the subject. Back to back books which poured out now became countless. Literary magazines, societies, and regular meetups became the norm. Awards were littered around the house like decorative pieces.

Why am I writing this and who is this person? This is reality and why I felt that I should write about this is because today, I took my first revision class from her on Hindi grammar, which I had last studied in Grade X. It felt wondrous to become a student again and learn from her.

This is where I get my writing genes from. My Maa San Goyal