It was a great turnout yesterday. More than 1300 concerned Gurgaon citizens came together at the Aravali Biodiversity Park. Media has started reporting – the govt will definitely have to sit up and look at it even closer. It’s just the beginning – let us commit ourselves to participate in every activity put together to protect this beautiful park the city has – those who couldn’t make it this time please join us in bigger numbers when we gather the next time !! It was a morning spent beautifully !!

I was very glad to see many from our community Gurgaon Moms. Why does it matter? Many talk about the power of a mom community and it lies in our ability to share information and influence each other. Let us all be cognisant of that fact and use it to bring about a positive change.

First and foremost, please sign this petition :

To all those who were there yesterday :
1. Please use Social Media wisely to talk about and spread awareness about this issue. Yesterday, was the first step an we need to build momentum
2. Post a selfie or any photograph from yesterday’s event on your timeline [Check the profiles of Shalini & Shailja for some great photos from the events]
3. Write a few lines or copy+paste – “More than 1300 concerned Gurgaon citizens came together at the Aravali Biodiversity Park to appeal to the Govt that the Aravali Biodiversity Park be spared. In an effort to decongest the city traffic, govt is planning to destroy a portion of the park and build the highway. With the increase in air pollution levels, every tree in the city becomes all the more important. And we are talking about a biodiversity park here. To register your concern, pl sign the petition at Follow the page Save Aravali Biodiversity Park for updates. ”

To those who couldn’t attend, pl keep following this space. We have to show up in bigger numbers for the govt to take notice of the magnitude of the issue.

Here are some pictures courtesy the community members who were there to support the cause .