“Would you like tea or coffee?”
“Tea, black with a pinch of lemon”

“Would you wear a saree or a suit?”
“Definitely, a saree”

“Would you put your savings in mutual funds or Fd’s?”
“A mix of both”

“Do you drink?”
“Yes. Occassionally”

“Do you like to keep Karva Chauth?”
“Yes. I keep it for my husband, whom I love and also for my mother in law, whom I respect”

“Do you like to keep Karva Chauth?”
“No. I feel it is a pain and I get unwell later”

“Do you keep Karva Chauth?”
“I keep it for the attached fear. I have no emotion. There is no love in the relationship. A part of me keeps it to keep the facade intact”

“Do you keep Karva Chauth?”
“I had thought I would keep for twenty five years and then stop. We love each other so much that these are mundane things. This year is my thirtieth Anniversary”

“Do you keep Karva Chauth?”
“I dress up because I like too. We take off and enjoy our one day honeymoon. Me not eating or drinking won’t change our love for each other”

“Do you keep Karva Chauth?”
“I have dengue but I will keep it because otherwise what will people say”

Big decisions or small decisions. You are the one who makes them.
Physically. Emotionally. Mentally. Financially.
And lastly, Spiritually.

You are the one in the center
You are the fulcrum
You are the flame
You are
Your own Universe
Get up
And choose
For yourself
There are no rights or wrongs
Whatever is best for you
Is really
The answer for you
Just make that choice
For that choice is yours
Only yours

This has also been published on my blog Life As It Is