Ours is a love marriage. We share a beautiful bond and of course, we do fight like any other normal couple. Most of the time we fight because of my differences with my MIL (inter-caste marriage). She is highly orthodox and her tough rules and regulations almost sent me to depression.

Initially, I gave in to her unnecessary demands but with time I changed. My husband always fought for me (I love him for that). 10 years of marriage, we fought like cats and dogs. Post fights I would hit myself hard and punish myself without realizing the repercussions. I always promised God and myself that won’t do this again to me but all in vain.

One day after witnessing the impact on my 7 -year-old (he hit himself because he did something wrong…..he must have seen me..that day was an eye-opener). I promised myself that I cannot let my child experience something which is just not right.

I did change myself. The past 1 year has been difficult with lockdown, nowhere to go to. I worked on myself with yoga, keeping myself busy, distracted myself immediately when I felt weak after a tiff.

Today I am way far from what I was. I have become happy and cheerful and see the same in my child. I have engrossed myself with Instagram (my newfound passion & love). My way of spreading happiness amidst the covid stress.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining…..never lose hope because storms don’t last forever.

This is an anonymous post as the member requested for the same