Living in the NCR dust becomes part and parcel of our lives. I would say it’s so woven into our lives that at times we become immune to its presence. We also have seasonal dust in the NCR.. like this unique, one of a kind “ Aandhi” – which literally translates to a dust storm. These monsters are so bad that if you come in from one and lick your lips. You can taste dust.

Dusting as a task is one of the most important in any household. Although sometimes I feel we’re just displacing the dust as opposed to actually getting rid of it. Another desi thing which I’ve never subscribed to is “ Ek ganda kapda de do dusting ke liye” ( Give me a dirty/ used cloth for dusting)

Am I the only one who uses fresh dusters and actually washes them?


Raised by a Mom who believed in a super clean home and still at 70 + maintains a house that garners compliments all the time. Cleanliness was further instated in me when I worked at a boutique hotel in Chennai and had a chance to work with two amazingly efficient Executive Housekeepers. One of them actually used a small mirror to check if the space under the WC( water closet)was clean.

Over the years we’ve resorted to all the tips and tricks that have come our way

  • Use a wet cloth for dusting
  • Dust after sweeping
  • Use microfiber cloths etc etc…

Yet the dust is omnipresent. Here I‘m sharing a few areas which I always find a task to address

  1. Your doormat – It says welcome… but how welcoming is it? Sure we jhaado ( shake ) and beat the living daylights out of it.But have you ever turned it upside down and then lifted it up!! OMG, it’s like an avalanche of dirt.
  2. Under the beds – I am so convinced that there is an alternative universe down under this space. It is really hard to reach. And to move a regular double bed – you require at least 6 able bodied people. They’re not really sparing round waiting to shift your furniture, are they? I have resorted to using a torch and a really long-handled broom.
  3. Dhurries/ Carpets: Sure they add overall warmth, color, and panache to your house. But use a proper vacuum cleaner and you will be awed by the amount of dust they store. Are we sure the dhurries are not sponges masquerading as pretty floor décor?
  4. Settees / Sofa ’s: The crevices, the cushions, and the headrests. You’d be astonished at how soon these can go murky from sheer usage. And if you have young kids.. well other than using black fabric. You really don’t have a savior.

Recently we had an opportunity to view a demo of the Dyson V8.Growing up with a Dad who is an engineer we were expounded to the minute workings and intricacies of many electronics

Now the Dyson is a machine that even Dad would be googly eyed at. I secretly think my husband wants it just because it looks so darn uber cool.

This machine is a real marvel. A LOT of thought has gone into designing and producing it (I don’t mind the funky colors as well 😉 )

But this thing really works – I’ll bet they made it for India where dust is in abundance. This machine sucks up dirt with ease and with an efficiency you need to see to believe. Some we used and experimented: Our dhurries were visibly cleaner. The Sofa upholstery genuinely looked newer. That doormat – Gosh the Dyson sucked out strands and stuff that was impossible to dislodge otherwise. Left the doormat looking rather spiffy!!

Mattresses are something we just don’t think require cleaning – But I remember watching an American TV show that showed in ultraviolet light that there is actually dead skin cells lodges in our mattresses( Eeeeks right!!) Here the Dyson does an effortless job of cleaning this stuff out.

A real handy feature with the Dyson is the wand which has an attachment that reaches up top. Cobwebs, that nasty place on our split air conditioner tops and corners all get free of hiding webs. Watch out Spiderman – no more web-slinging in my house!!

Here’s the thing: I noticed my helper hovering around wide-eyed in wonder. So I said- here you try. At first, she was a bit skeptical- then when she saw just how easy it was, and my willingness to let her use it – she had a go as well. And I am pleased to say she could handle it rather well. Day two: my helper said let’s use the naya  machine to clean this mat and those cushions too.


Emptying the dust receptacle on the transparent Dyson vacuum (yes it’s transparent!!) is another fluidly simple action. And gosh – how much dust it holds!!

Did I also mention its battery operated? So no messy cord to trip over and get entangled in. A huge plus point that.

The Dyson is now an integral part of our household and I am much happier and dust -free for it.  Convenience at its best – Dyson V 8

I would truly recommend that you experience the Dyson V8 vacuum (and other Dyson technology – air purifiers and Supersonic hair dryer) in the comfort of their own homes. Because seeing is indeed believing!  Sign up for a free Dyson in-home experience here.


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