The Day You Begin

Story by Jacqueline Woodson and illustrations by Rafael Lopez 
Recommended age – 5 and above

My rating –




Tisya, my 5 yr old daughter, is a cautious child. She takes her time, observes, wants to feel comfortable before she finally opens up after which there is no stopping her! So this book instantly connected with us. The book is about how The world opens up to make that extra space for you the day you begin. The day you begin.. the day you begin sharing your stories, your likes and dislikes, your experiences, your journey, your fears and triumphs everyone around you will open up too. You’ll see how everyone has something a little like you and something else fabulously not like you, how everyone can be a joyous part of each other’s journey called life .

The text is beautifully written flowing from page to page like a canoe moving smoothly across a lake. It’s a wonderful book and it will stay with your kid in a nice little corner of her heart whispering to her and nudging her gently to open her big heart to all the love waiting to be experienced in this world without the fear of being judged! The illustrations are colourful, bold and expressive. The title itself is so catchy and positive that it makes one want to pick up the book the moment you lay your eyes on it.

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