A significant part of any child’s growth is the experiences and the exposure he gets from various opportunities in life. This fuels the imagination and flexibility in him. These two traits serve as the two most significant distinctions between leaders and followers. Our ability to imagine things distinguishes us from other species. It influences everything we do, think and create. It leads to elaborate theories, dreams, and inventions in any profession from the realms of academia to engineering and the arts.

Science is a subject that requires rich imagination. Conducting hands-on experiments allows children to witness wonders of science, which in turn broadens their imagination and sparks a curiosity about the simplest of the events which happen around them.

Some of the most influential and innovative creations have come from the simple act of imagining something bigger, easier, or more beautiful. Scientists and creative artists have an amazing gift for thinking outside the box and allowing their imaginations the freedom to grow and evolve their thoughts, many of which have created products that have changed the way we live entirely. Without this creative power we may never have had the internet, smartphones, airplanes, and other amazing technology we rely on every day. Simply put, imagination is the key ingredient to expansion and the advancement of our world.

In WonderClass a student approaches science with an inquisitive nature. The natural curiosity compels him to experiment and reach the result himself. It is important to have a clear vision of what the end result would look like. A successful experiment instills confidence in his logical mind, whereas an unanticipated result introduces the flexibility in character to accept the unexpected. An imaginative student would be free to take risks, be a leader, and state opinions as opposed to stating the correct answer.


We can learn new things, we can think of new concepts, seeing things from different perspectives, a lot of this has to do with a very rich mental space. The enrichment of this mental space can only come through the right kind of exposure. Having an experiential knowledge of how the basic things work enables a child to attempt more complex and elaborate tasks by the sheer power of vision.

Our imagination grows as knowledge grows. Knowledge feeds the imagination which spurs us on to new knowledge. Ultimately this is the cycle of discovery and of learning, we strive for in education. That’s why we at WonderLab have carefully structured WonderClass to ensure this cycle is instilled in the modules and provides the children a rich learning space driven by their imagination. It’s often the simplest of the experiments that have the deepest of impacts on the child. An experiment that you can try with your child at home has been shared. This can greatly influence his understanding of bubbles and can prove to be an amazing way to derive fun from science.

They are bringing many such fun experiments to better help your child understand the nature of various types of energies in our spring break camp starting from 23rd March to 28th March. These experiments include principles of light, nature of heat and fire, visualizing sound waves and several take homes to ensure their curiosity never dies even at home.

To be a part of this amazing camp, call them at +91 9810572061