These days many women are going through Domestic Violence. Emotional & Physical violence from their husbands, and yet do not have the courage to speak up.

Some Facts:

Amnesty International: 33% of women across the globe will be the victim of some form of domestic violence.

U.S. Department of Justice: 25% of women in the U.S. will experience an abusive relationship in their lifetime

Centers for Disease Control (CDC): An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by

an intimate partner each year.

Boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to abuse

What is Abuse- Abuse constitutes verbal, physical, emotional, where a husband would hit his wife giving her physical pain, emotionally blackmailing her & verbally saying insane abusive words to her.

Turn around & see if there is anyone in your neighborhood or friend circle who is going through this? Maybe you can make a difference. Many women bear this through silently.

  • Abuse on any level – verbal, physical, emotional – all constitutes “ Foul”. DO not tolerate any of these.
  • An abusive person will always try to show you down in front of people at every opportunity.
  • An abusive husband will either have a drinking problem, a false ego problem or a feeling that he is superior in everything.
  • Do not put up with abuse, no matter how contrite your partner is later. An abusive person rarely reforms. If you condone the first offence, chances are you’ll end up in a vicious circle of abuse- adoration- more abuse- apology. A person who abuses can really play a lot of foul.
  • Forgiving an erring partner is fine only if your partner has his basic values right. If your partner however makes his errants his habit, he will not change. He is just faking apology.
  • Don’t fool yourself that the situation would change automatically, & your partner will improve. If he is abusive or an alcoholic, he does not care for basic human values.
  • Children exposed to a foul marriage get permanently damaged. Scars rarely heal

There is nothing more destructive than a damaged relationship. It is difficult, traumatic & hurtful.. If the air you breathe in your house is foul, how healthy can be your life as a couple? An enriching marriage is one which is based on love & respect. It should make both the partners grow. Do not take abuses in the name of Adjustment. A person who inculcates physical abuse on his wife is doing an act of inhumanity. It is an act of Animality. It puts an emotional drain on the recipient & the healing can take ages to recover even when the situation is over.

Inspire people to have courage & stand up for justice. Have heart to heart bonds with people. Victory in life is not determined by fame or social position. It is decided by how dynamically you are able to live out your life with compassion & integrity. 

Hope is the departure point for being able to persevere & make changes happen. Lets Unite to establish Justice.If we now let ourselves be defeated by cowardice, we lose the fundamental essence of humanity, turning us into objects submissive to the authoritarian power that is generating violence & fear in society.

Lets stand up to take action & open the way forward for humanity.

One is a large no. If you can help one individual, you will help ten. Because in the circle of that one person , there will be ten others whose way will open.

You can empower women to stand up as self reliant beings able to break thru crisis & redirect their lives to a better future, Plant the seeds of empowerment now will make this a reality.

Notes from the Founder – Nidhi Seth, Founder- EMPOWER

We have initiated a project Empower-  To focus on Women Empowerment & help spread Awareness Against Domestic Violence. Since this Cause is not highlighted by many people, yet many Women in the educated strata also are silently going through Domestic Violence, we want to create a stir about this.


To start this initiative, we are organizing a Women Empowerment event in Gurgaon- For A Social Cause. This is a morning event on Sunday for an hour. Event on 11th October, 2015 6.30pm onwards. The event will support the Cause through highlighting Physical & Mental Strength of Women-  A talk on Women Empowerment, followed by a fitness program. ”



#Contribution is Voluntary. This is event is to support a Social Cause. Part proceed will be given to an NGO. For any queries, please mail at [email protected]