Exercising in water is ideal for pregnant women because land-based exercises become difficult as they continue to gain weight, especially during the third trimester. Prenatal aqua exercises focus on improving muscle tone, strength, and mobility. This also makes mums-to-be feel energized, reduces water retention and swelling.

Aqua exercising during pregnancy is safe and helps you stay healthy and in shape for childbirth. This also helps relieve some of the common pregnancy concerns, such as swollen feet and aching joints.

Also, check with our doctor before trying out any water exercises and also follow these simple checks

  • Wear a comfortable maternity water gear
  • Keep a water bottle near the pool so that you can remain hydrated
  • Don’t over exercise and overexert yourself
  • Diving or jumping is s strict no during pregnancy
  • Do not hold our breath when in water as your baby needs oxygen continuously
  • Ensure that you take a good shower after getting out of the pool especially if the chlorine in water bothers you.

The CK Birla Hospital for Women, as a part of “The Bump Club”, last week, organized a prenatal water workout session at club patio, Nirvana country. It was an informative and fun-filled evening that comprised of sessions by Obstetricians & Gynaecologists on “Painless Birthing” and “Skin Changes During Pregnancy”, followed by the aqua session.

Images Credit : CK Birla Hospital For Women