We feel proud in buying from brands where they have a superior fixed price tag!!!.No harm.

However let’s also support the true India by buying from people along the roads and encourage talent and art.
We came across these two young boys,the elder one cannot speakbut is behind all this creativity.He has a price list to show when the younger one is not around to speak.

What they make are bird houses.

Yes! Much needed homes in today’s times with so much damage to environment and birds getting extinct.So first time ever in my life my husband ,Anuj told me “chaubees gante phone pe lage rehte ho,make these people viral so that people know about them and buy from them and some purpose is solved.”

And here it is a post dedicated to these 2 boys who are sitting in the hot sun,creating beautiful art.

We will take our kids to choose the biggest bird house for so many birds to sit and take rest.I want to encourage all of you to buy from these road side effortmakers who earn small living.

I respect coz they are EARNING not begging. Prices startat RS s 50

Location : Sector 14 ,Gurgaon ,just before Motorola Building



This is taken from our member Pooja Mihani’s post in our community.Thank you Pooja for sharing this.