Discover India, State by State by Sonia Mehta
Recommended age – 5 to 9 yrs
Ours is a rich country with amazing diversity. As Indians, diversity, and variety are our pride and asset. Unfortunately, our school syllabus does little to familiarise us with this vastness and richness. As a result, some of us fail to appreciate it. Some states get much more limelight than others while some are totally ignored. But as a parent I want my daughter to be aware of and appreciative of the vast varieties of physical features and the socio-cultural spectrums of our country. This vastness and variety make my heart swell with pride.

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Discover India -State by State written by Sonia Mehta is a great box set if you want your child to get introduced and acquainted with all the different Indian states. It carries lots of info about each state and the union territories covering food, festivals, dance, language and literature, famous personalities, and more. There are also many little activities and puzzles making it interactive and engaging for the child. Do not expect this to be an in-depth understanding of the complexities or deep dives into the states. It’s more of a beautiful window into it. The pictures are a mix of photographs and some illustrations and are beautiful. Each state is a small booklet that makes it appealing to the kid to just pull out the one they want the read about.
I am glad I purchased this set. Tisya has been enjoying it so far.I have purchased the box set but each booklet is also separately available.
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