My teenager read and adored this book! She’d been telling me how much I would love it and as most often – she was right!!
The writing in this book is just incredible and will leave you inspired . I was mesmerised from just page 9 …
” Sometimes you want things to change so badly , you can’t even stand to be in the same room with the way things actually are “
This is a book about friendship and just how much it’s valued by everyone – in this instance a very young girl.
The author touches upon bullying , peer pressure and sadly how nasty young kids can be….
“I’d thought that our story was just that : our story .But it turns out you had your own story , and I had mine.Our stories might have overlapped for a while – long enough that they even looked like the same story.But they were different “
Ali gives us a ton of facts about jellyfish.I’ve always found them captivating and now after this book – even more so.
” Jellyfish separate the world that was from the one that is”
” Jellyfish are survivors.They are survivors of everything that ever happened to everyone else”


This book also looks at how tough it is to be a kid and be different.The word here I would use is unique.
This read is also about loss and the void it creates … How one deals with it or not. How processing it is something that requires a lot of support .
“Saying goodbye is important. It’s what allows us to begin to live again”
“There’s no single right way to say goodbye to someone you love.But the most important thing is that you keep some part of them inside you.”


Last but not least ,this novel show us just how important it is for parents to be involved and interested in their children’s lives.And to really listen – in fact hear what they are not saying .
“… a mother dolphin does not stop swimming for the first several weeks of her newborn’s life. The newborn calf doesn’t have enough blubber to float, so it needs to be carried along in its mother’s slipstream. If the mother stops swimming, even for a short time, the calf will sink.
It must be tiring, being a mom.”
Just in case you haven’t got it I truly loved this book and enjoyed it immensely.It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity and it’s strength in her words.
read it and get your child ( recommended age 12 + ) to read it as well.


Review by my 14 year old daughter Nritu

The Thing About Jellyfish- the name made me pick up the book, I didn’t even read the back!

This book is so beautiful! The story is endearing, the characters are relatable, the facts are interesting,philosophical and not text- book like.

The flow is so seamless that it will keep you engrossed and spellbound throughout . I totally recommend the book ! Its great for children or teens reading chapter books and adults too. Now if only The Book Reporter – Senior took my book recommendations!