23 years ago I moved to Delhi for work as a junior homeopath. The day I got my first salary, I was mobbed by a thief and he took away all the money. With this money I wanted to buy gifts for my parents.
Fortunately, my hostel rent (including breakfast & dinner) was paid for and I managed without lunch for 30 days. I had no money so I would walk 5km to work everyday.
Had I told my parents about the mugging, they would have called me back, and I would have lost the opportunity to do what I had come here for. I had barely recovered from that incident when I was robbed again after a couple of weeks. All my clothes, watch and 5 thousand rupees (emergency money) were taken away from me on a knife point. It was very distressing but I did not give up.

aashiva singh
It was easier going back to my parents but then I would have not been able to be where I am today!
I met an advertising photographer who was from a different cultural background. We fell in love and got married. Even though, I got busy with kids and my clinic, I slowly started picking up interest in photography. I used to look at beautiful pictures and observe that how a simple product photography could take so much technical knowledge and lighting equipment. I started learning and experimenting with standard street photography first. This was appreciated by a lot of people around me and I got encouraged. I was able to take out time and kept learning more about photography. Finally, I bagged a big fat wedding photoshoot. I only had a couple of weeks to prepare. I honed my skills and soon I was doing maternity and baby shoots for the same couple.
Seeing people happy with my work was so gratifying. Photography gave me enough money to buy my first car, even though it was second hand.

aashiva singh
As a women I felt so liberated because I could support myself and also fulfil my desires on my own. I even took my mother on an airplane to Udaipur for 5 days. This was a very special time for us and my mother told me that I have done something for her, that even her sons couldn’t.
During my initial days, people would get judgemental when I would tell them that I am a doctor and a photographer. They would think I am either not a good doctor or a good photographer as I can’t do justice to both professions.
Then I thought, if I am sincere to both my professions, then I should not be affected by what others think.

aashiva singh


To bring the changes around you, you have to break the shackles.

I spread happiness as a photographer by capturing memories. I spread happiness as a doctor by healing ailments.
Life is a precious gift and I have taken charge of my life. I can be a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and I can be a doctor, photographer and also a rider, traveller and a state level pistol shooter. Yes, I can wear different hats.

The journey is not easy, but your choices during testing times make all the difference.

It is ok to fail and fall, but one must fight for what they want. One must fight for a life story you are going to tell.


This is Aashivaa Siningh’s story – A Homeopathic physician and consultant with a passion in photography

You can check out her work at Creative Wedding Photography by Aashivaa Siingh and Maternity and kids photography by Aashivaa Siingh .