When I first heard about Chryseis Knight from Penguin Random House I was just delighted and awed. A 3-year-old who wrote and illustrated her own book- Wow – it does not get more fascinating than that I knew I had to “meet” this wonder and we set up an online interaction.  Chryseis and her mom Verin joined us from Singapore and what you will see below is the video of my talk with them.

Chryseis is the most polite young lady and she wished me a Good Evening Ms.Upasana and I was so thrilled.  This young girl is all of 7 years old. She loves Indian food and fabrics. She is also planning to write more. 

We do hope you visit us someday soon Chryseis and we can take you shopping for fabric and eat lots of Indian food. 

This delightful book is a great gift for children and is simple enough for very young readers.

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A beautiful story about a lion and two kids, supported by gorgeous illustrations created by the author herself

Children aged 1 and up will relate to it as it directly caters to the psyche of the group. This book talks about friendship, inclusivity, wildlife conservation, and the world of imagination. It will help instill confidence in youngsters at an early age to write their own books!

A great way for parents to indulge in parent-child bedtime reading activity

Price:  Rs. 299/-

Age: 1-4  years

Imprint: Puffin

Available at https://amzn.to/3lBy9b1



A book written by a three-year-old child prodigy! Long, long ago, there was a Great Big Lion Tom and Lily were fascinated by him They loved to hear him ROAR! But one day, the lion vanished without a trace And so, off went Tom and Lily to find and bring back their friend, the Great Big Lion Written by one of the youngest writers in the world, this board book will connect to your child and make them think about empathy, friendship, nature and conservation

A fun read that combines storytelling and learning through patterns and numbers


Chryseis Knight is an enthusiastic girl who learnt how to read at the age of one Reading is her first love Chryseis was inducted into MENSA at the age of two for her linguistic talents She started writing the story of The Great Big Lion in her notebook when she was three years old She then shared it with her family and became determined to do the artworks with the motivation of getting the book published Chryseis is now an emerging author and illustrator and hoes she can inspire children all around the world to embrace the magic in books.