In the last month, I have noticed, a lot of people want to bring a pet(dog) home. A sudden demand for a pet friend is understandable considering the isolated times we are living in. Kids are feeling bored at home, others seeking a new companion in the hope to bring meaning to life. This article is NOT to discourage anyone from getting a pup home BUT to make you aware of the life changes/commitment/responsibilities it would bring along. We all have seen how pets are abandoned on roads or put up for adoption as soon as the owners realize that their life is getting affected due to them.

My only hope behind sharing this message is to see less pet adoption/abandoning posts around me at least.

Please, consider the following points before you decide to bring a new life into your home

1. A pup would constantly demand your time. You would have to work hard to toilet train him/ her. Till then, be prepared to clean poop, pee, vomit anywhere, and anytime in the house. ( If you plan to tie up your pet most of the time at one place; – please don’t bring a pet, as its totally inhumane). Similarly, an aging pet needs a lot of medical attention and support from you.

2. Be ready for the expenses. For the first year, it’s a minimum of 30-40K (sometimes more). This would involve doc visits, vaccinations, food, accessories, etc.

3. Be prepared to adjust everybody’s work timings for the initial 6 months. You wouldn’t want to leave a little life alone at home for 10-12hours.

4. Be prepared to cancel your travel plans a lot as you struggle to find a good pet boarding service. Though we have plenty of boarding options available now. If you really love your pet, believe me, you wouldn’t want to leave him/her alone. Not very frequently at least.

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5. Be prepared for a messy home for the first 2 years at least. Not only the poop, pee but chewing up your cushions, furniture, etc etc. My pet chewed my wooden furniture, my mobile, cushions and even an offer letter once. And not to forget, a lifetime free supply of dog hair.

6. If you really get attached to your pet, your career opportunities and choices would also depend upon your pet’s relocation options.

7. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Please do not bring a pet as a showpiece. DO NOT TIE them in your balcony day and night coz they create a mess inside or they bark a lot. Pets become what we raise them like.

So, in short, please rethink many times. Pets are no less than our own kids. At least that’s the bond they develop with us. When we bring a pet home, it gets attached to us. It can’t survive without us and many-a-times goes into a depression or dies, when abandoned. And if you bring them to your life, keep patience, stay compassionate, and keep loving them till the end. ?


This article is written by 

Maneet Kaur , an entrepreneur residing in New Gurgaon. She is married and has a 5-year-old supercharged kid. With 7 years in corporate jobs, she has lived in 4 different cities across north and south of India. She is an ardent pet love and has had cats and dogs as pets since childhood. 3 beautiful fur babies have been a part of her family in the last 15 years.

Feature Image by PicsbyFran from Pixabay