As the title suggests, fitness and health is THE most important aspect of life especially in the “kalyug” era when everyone is running after money and fame but not actually running (jogging/walking/exercising) (pun intended).

Unfortunately, fitness is or has become the last priority as we get busy with our lives, day to day routines, and family. And especially for the majority of the women, everything and everyone on the planet will come before themselves. We have taken over ourselves to be perfect in everything and please everyone around apart from ourselves.

FACT: A woman is the base of the household and the root of the family. She is considered the epitome of multitasking. She cannot even get sick for a day and all of us reading this will relate to it. The whole house is in a mess and everything topples over in a single day if we are unwell.

That’s the POWER and essence of being a woman. So, let’s use that magic in us to actually help ourselves. Our body is the only thing, which will remain with us till the end. This is hard-hitting but actually TRUE, and more so the body has no replacement; it’s just a single one with us and for us.


A 1-hour workout is just 4% of your day; we can and should take at least that time out for us on priority.

Why go far, even I realized the importance of regular workout after an extremely unfortunate and unforgettable phase in my life. I am pouring out my heart here and sharing my personal experience. If I am able to motivate and inspire even 1 person it will be a great achievement.

I was always an all-rounder and into sports and athletics in my school and college days. But as I grew and further responsibilities and priorities took over working out and fitness took a backseat. After my second delivery (both first and second being caesarian section) I started suffering from swelling and extreme pain in my feet. I came to know its multiple Plantar Fasciitis. No amount of physiotherapy and naturopathy helped me. Slowly the swelling started to reach my knees. I cannot even mention the amount of pain I felt and how much I cried. It became so bad that it was difficult and unbearable for me to walk and I became almost immobile.

I visited three very famous doctors of NCR and they said these are symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis but blood tests came out just fine, multiplex-rays of knees and back did not help either. I was prescribed a very high dosage of multivitamins, steroids, and painkillers. I was very skeptical to take these medicines as I was exclusively breastfeeding my baby and also since they were no cure but just a measure to bring down the symptoms and would also have to consume these medicines for a very long duration.


Along with that, I had the responsibility of taking care of 2 small kids. It took a heavy toll on my mental health as well as I started feeling guilty of not being able to nurture my newborn baby and was also ignoring the elder one. We moms have a tendency of blaming ourselves for all the not so good things that happen with our children and I was no different. Though family and friends are there still your pain is yours and nobody else’s and it’s YOU who has to face the consequences. Finally, the regular practice of YOGA and homeopathy helped me get back into the groove.


This was the time; I realized the importance of mental and physical HEALTH. If one is healthy and fit (need not be thin but fit) then the sky is the limit and there is nothing one can’t achieve.

It’s the need of the hour to bring a lifestyle change and incorporate yoga, meditation, aerobics, jogging, and strength training in our daily lives. When you engage in exercise, your body and brain produce hormones and neurotransmitters that have a positive impact on your mood, memory, energy levels, and sense of well-being. Regular exercise also helps balance your body’s level of stress hormones.

We are what we eat, you all must have heard this and it’s so very true. Working out and proper diet/nutrition are like a couple, they will fight, they will ignore each other, they will try to overpower the other but at the end of the day they have to be in sync for happiness to prevail, So working out and nutrition go hand in hand to get a fit and healthy mind and body.

Like working, sleeping, drinking water, spending time with our loved ones is essential so also working out for at least half an hour every day consuming fruit, raw salad, dry fruits, superfoods, homemade detox drinks are also an extremely important and essential part of daily routine.

And the most important thing, do what you enjoy and can follow every day without fail.

Mark my words, your body will be so happy and it will give your back double of what you invest in it. So it’s never too late. Start TODAY and be a better version of yourself and yes keep the EXCUSE box closed, please.


(A mother of 2 kids, 13 years experienced techie by profession doing full-time job, fitness enthusiast/yogini by passion, and certified trainer by heart, doing regular yoga to keep my mental/physical sanity and teaching/motivating other women as well. If I can take out time, why not YOU!!! )



This is the story of Niruti Sud Bajaj written in her own words 

 Niruti is 36 years old an IT professional by occupation but Yogini by heart and Internationally certified Yoga trainer by passion.

StreeFit is her venture that is dedicated to female fitness and wellness.

This write-up has also been published on  (A Hindustan Times Venture)