My badminton story

In school, I was a sporty kid, played volleyball, basketball, throwball, table tennis, badminton, roller skates, and cycling. Come medical college, everything was forgotten for 20 years through graduation, post-graduation, senior residency, and kids.

At a time when most women slow down, a friendly neighborhood uncle rekindled my connection with badminton. I started slowly, 4 years back and now I’m addicted to playing 6 days a week.

The Badminton court is my happy place. I am grateful to all the men who have gracefully accommodated my game, and never said no.


A year back we hosted the IMA Gurgaon badminton championship and found a friend who is also super gung ho. We have been playing for almost a year now and  even went to Nashik to play the IMA National Sports Olympiad (where we were slaughtered)

My love for the game is occasionally boosted by winning trophies in medical sports forums. At times we win, and at times we loose too. I have even managed to compete in an open city tournament recently.

I am sharing this because most Indian women give up sports after school. A healthy lifestyle is a key to a happy life. I urge more women to take up active sports once their kids are older and their job is more under their control. Active sports improve muscle mass and keeps osteoporosis at bay. It’s also a great way to improve your mood, make friends, and in turn boost your happiness levels.

I’m fitter, sprightly, and more active than I have been in years. I won the women’s singles category where I played against someone half my age. Dr. Jyoti and I also won the women’s doubles.

Small joys. Big reasons to smile

This write-up has been authored by Dr. Sarika Verma

She is an ENT Surgeon and Allergy Specialist