So I walked out of Aladdin yesterday, shaking my head, almost fist bumping on my forehead saying oh no……Why? Not coz the movie is that bad, but coz it’s that good. The girl who in recent times has become super cynical about love, romance and all that mush, came out sighing from the movie hall(when will I ever grow up :p) Oh I wish there was something called as Prince Charming… But in this movie, I am more likely to fall for the Genie :p Will Smith is adorable! As usual! Nasim Pedrad’s ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ when he asks her for a night stroll says it all! 😉

So first the good – most definitely the best part of the movie is Will Smith. His portrayal of the modern genie is way too cool! He sings, he dances, he woos the hand maiden and mouths life-altering philosophy with equal ease. The second most adorable thing is the chemistry between the magic carpet and the monkey :p So that says a lot about the rest of the movie :p Mena Massoud is decent in his portrayal of Aladdin. He definitely does not look the part of Prince Ali when he is transformed into one. But he is cute as a street thief.

Naomi Scott on the other hand owns the part of Jasmine. She is the strong, intelligent, independent princess. She reads books and owns maps. She thinks she is the better ruler for her people than any man who would marry her. She rescues her father and ultimately, Aladdin too from his misery.

And *She*, ladies and gentlemen, becomes the Sultan. Oh boy! As you can see, this part had me going Woohoo!!! 😀 My girls couldn’t stop gushing about her post the movie!


Marwan Kenzari as villainous Jaffar is snarly and rest of the cast plays their part decently well.

Now for the sighing part. The song ‘A Whole New World…. ‘ brings back nostalgia. I remember I was in school when the cartoon version of Aladdin had come out, and we girls would sing the song endlessly on a loop. The idea of that Prince Charming who would swoop you on a magic carpet to faraway lands was so alluring…. (also, so stupid but…………………………………………..well, I was a kid)!

The new song additions especially ‘Speechless’ is well intended but not timed right.

The movie does manage to transport you into a magical land, and you have to give it to Disney to be able to recreate that charmed storytelling. They have done what they do the best… make you believe.

So go on! Watch it for the old- fashioned dreaminess! Definitely worth a watch this summer break!

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