Tips to Store Vegetables in the Refrigerator 

  • Muslin bags ( handmade jhola bags), it retains the freshness, helps segregation of different vegetables, can be washed and reused
  • Use food grade net bags
  • You can use refresh bags, they are a little expensive but good quality cloth bags made specially to keep the vegetables fresh
  • Better to wrap in muslin or thicker cotton kitchen cloths
  • Any old clothes, you can ask the local tailor to stitch bags and give you for veggies.
  • Convert ur old t-shirt into small bags and with a small opening in front as see through . Give this as summer holiday work to kids .they will happily do it
  • For cauliflower and broccoli, always chop them into florets and soak or blanch them…dry on a kitchen towel and then store in airtight glass containers.
  • You can buy additional slider drawers for the fridge to store chilies, ginger, and small stuff. You also get plastic trays and small compartments
  • Use refresh bags from Amazon. The vegetables stay much much better than plastics too. And they are easily washable. In fact, keep the bags in a  big veggie shopping bag and put veggies directly into the refresh-bags

Cardboard partitions used by our member Richa Nitin Bansal? 

All these tips have been suggested by our community members