Our member Rajdeep Kaur asked a valid question in the community recently 

“RO discards so much water in order to give us drinkable water. So lots of water goes down the drain without use How do you use that discarded water or just let it flow down the drain ?”
How many of us have actually really given it a thought? The need of the hour is to save water as the water levels are depleting everywhere. However, there are many who actually are doing their bit and not allowing the discarded water to go waste.

Tips to Re-Use Discarded Water from the RO 

  • Cleaning, watering plants, filling the cooler etc.
  • Elongate the waste pipe extension and connect it to a tank or large bucket from where you can draw out water for watering plants and cooler
  • Setup the pipe in such a way that it goes into the washing machine

“I have put the pipe out thru the kitchen window and on to the lawn. I have that pipe set in a way that it keeps filling a small tank of water which we used for mopping gardening”Ambika Datta 

Rashi Gupta  says “We have put the discarded water pipe directly into the underground water tank…. so no wastage at all!”

“We have a big storage drum attached to the RO outlet pipe. Inside the drum, there is a small submersible pump that makes it easier for us to collect water in the bucket. Nothing goes to waste, we use that water to clean balcony, mopping, washing clothes etc.” Devika Chaturvedi

Sakshi Chauhan suggests “It can be used for mopping, washing clothes can be used in for flushing out, washrooms, used for filling the coolers too n sprinkling on plants n the lawn, to wash cars etc

Storage Tank used to collect the discarded RO water at a SmartMom’s House