It is a story, a reaction, an inference and an offer

In a village far away sits a grandmother a little worried. She is old and extremely poor. She lives in a small hut with her grandson. Id is not far away. With her savings she has managed to get him a new kurta pajma. On the id day, Hamid gets up early in the morning, has his bath and wears his new kurta payjama. The grandmother requests their neighbour to take Hamid along with them to the mosque and then to the fair. The neighbours being kind and understanding agree to take Hamid along. After offering the prayers at the mosque they all head towards the fair. At the fair Hamid looks at the 3 annas his grandmother had given him to buy things. He first sees the "jalabee wala" selling hot and delicious jalabees. He overcomes his temptations and moves ahead. Next he visits a toy stall. He keenly looks at the various toys at display and then decides not to buy any as they will all get old and he would soon lose interest in them. As he keeps moving from one stall to the other looking for things he can buy he comes across a blacksmith selling things made of iron. He catches sight of an iron tong and immediately decides to buy them for his grandmom who would often burn her fingers while baking chappatis. He is happy that he has purchased something that he can use. On reaching home his grandmother is excited to know how was the day spent and if he enjoyed at the fair and what all did he buy. Hamid then gives his grandmother the pair of tongs he had purchased for her.At first she gets shocked/annoyed by his stupidity that instead of eating anything or buying any toy what he has brought is chimta. But then Hamid tells her that how she burns her fingers daily, while making rotis. She bursts into tears and blesses him for his kindness.

Simi Srivastava paused and asked my son What will you do when you get 3 annas – My son told us he will buy his grand pa medicine for his knee pain.

I was pleasantly surprised. Otherwise for the story, my son would have replied cars, chocolate or marshmallows. Simi just showed me 'How Story Telling' can be used as an effective parenting & educational tool. 

She has now kindly agreed to do a series for us through which we can address some of the children issues. Enlist some common issues here and lets see how we can address them through Stories.