Sometimes we just want to take life easy and should we get super excited make any New Year’s resolutions, just resolve to be you and only you and celebrate yourself and a better you (perfectly imperfect too) I don’t even remember when was the last time I made a resolution and followed it as my goal and I have no shame to admit that I rarely keep any of my New Year’s resolutions. The day leading up to January 1st seems full of promise and brings in energy with excitement to promise self to push and work towards at times unrealistic goals too, vowing to make a radical change just because it is a certain day of the year isn’t enough motivation for me and to most people.

We make promises to ourselves to transform our lives by quitting smoking, joining a gym, losing weight or other common resolutions to make positive improvements in our lives.

I really wonder, why should 1st January be any different than today being 31st Dec? We all have things we want to work on we know and we do.

Let’s just make the very first day of the New Year one where we enjoy ourselves. By that, I mean enjoy who we are – flaws, weaknesses and all. Look inward and discover what is right about you, not what needs improvement.

New Year’s is about celebrating the joys and successes of the old year and having hope for the new one to come. Do that. You’ve got a whole year ahead of you to make good on promises to yourself. Promises and setting goals and working upon them is always a continuous process.

“We do not know the true value of our moments until they have undergone the test of memory.”

Value the moments you spend with family or friends tonight. If you are alone, make a memory by treating yourself with kindness.

Happy New Year!

Feature Photo by Quân Nguy?n on Unsplash

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