I recently watched two amazing movies on the OTT platforms. Both realistic, depicting the harsh truth of our society. Here’s my review.



Complicated characters brought to life by brilliant piece of acting by Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber.
It’s the story of a widow Ratna from a small village trying to make her dreams come true in a big city …. Ashwin, a man trying to fit into a place that is supposedly his home but not truly one..as he is not pursuing his dream.
How their paths cross each other…. How Ashwin falls in love with Ratna’s simplicity and courage…. How Ratna realizes that love is not enough to strive in this harsh world…. But then does she change her mind in the end.??
Well, that’s for you to decide and interpret… and that’s another beauty of this movie..
Great direction by Rohena Gera.
Watch Is Love Enough? SIR on Netflix if you like off-beat realistic movies
My Rating :



IMDb Rating: 7.5/10


The Last Color


A movie that depicts the harsh truth of society… A movie that beautifully portrays the relationship between a young child and a widow….
A movie that makes us think….A movie where the actors look real…
Kudos to the makers
Chef Vikas Khanna: A brilliant chef… Now a great storyteller and director too
Neena Gupta was super awesome as Noor
Child actor, Aqsa Siddiqui.I will never forget Choti…. You brought her to life so beautifully
Do watch #TheLastColor on Amazon Prime only if you like realistic movies.
My Rating




IMDB Rating: 7.5/10