This story won me the #Momsurecan#Gurgaonmoms#Horlicks hamper in 2016.

Almost three years later, after regularly maintaining great parameters, I am at HbA1c 6.4.Another thing I would like to add is that I have the acceptance to face whatever comes my way. I know that I will never fall in the non-diabetic range and I can go on to be a diabetic as well.

Just sharing that nothing is impossible if one has the will to do the human effort and the surrender to let the higher energies shower their grace.

“Having taken it upon me to make my marriage work, I set out on a journey only to be proven wrong. As they say,”Life is not a bed of roses” but to have only the thorns was something that I had not bargained for.

Moving out of a failed marriage with two small girls in tow was a decision that I took twelve years ago.Many struggles, many challenges and many experiences came my way. With the help of many around me, I had the strength to move on and tackle each one of them. There were times when I did not know how the rent would be paid or the school fees but when there is no choice, one moves on. As did I.

The girls flowered into beautiful young women but the known and the many unknown stressors took a toll on my health.

A yearly health checkup in July 2015 told me that I had an HbA1c of 12.7 and a fasting sugar of 258. By now I had become quite adept at playing this game called life and also plunging myself head-on into any challenge life had to offer me. I changed my diet, took to walks and hit the gym.All around me, people told me that as now you have diabetes, it will be there all your life.Also, you will be on medication forever.

However, within four months, I had stopped my medicine.And my HbA1c at six months was 6.2 with the fasting sugar of 100.I had lost 11 kilos in these seven months and was proud of how I looked and felt. Nothing is impossible. What one requires is dedication, focus and discipline. There is no rocket science as there is no magic potion. Another lesson I learnt is to live each day at a time and make small goals. I believe that if I can do it, anyone can.

Just let go of things that debilitate you.”

I am proud to be me. #strongtothebone#Momsummit #Momsurecan