We are happy to share that our esteemed member Praggatti Rao has recently published her second book: Raising The Parent.

Praggatti is the Founder of  Educonceptsindia Initiatives,Psychologist, Personal Growth & Professional Relevance Mentor, NLP Coach, Author, Speaker.

Shifting the focus from the child on to the Parent this time, Prggatti shares  ’21 new-age mindset mantras’ for a conscious aware parent with this book 

Raising the Parent is a book of reminders for a conscious parent with real case studies and action plans. With extensive tools and strategies to turn around parenting challenges as well as to raising future-fit young adults proactively. Whether it’s an expert or first-time parent, the whole idea behind Raising the Parent is transformational guidance on creative solutions to routine challenges. A wholesome compilation of traditional wisdom for new-age parenting will be an apt statement to make for this humble effort from the author. This book is a practical, scientific and applied psychology-based resource guide cum workbook that’ll enable and empower a parent to create inroads of bliss, calm, joy and harmony while they navigate harsh parenting realities. A new-age interpretation of what Beliefs, values and purpose should flow from a parent to a generation that blooms in their best versions ever.

The book is available here

raising the parent

                                                                                                                                                                      Praggatti shares:

As a young girl with limited money on hand, I invested my money on two things- Jagjit Singh cassettes and books & more books.
I am still an avid book lover and go around places looking for titles to buy. This time it was pleasantly different. As I glanced through the many titles, I saw my own book lined up with many others from those I follow ardently. All I can say is- It was a limitless cocktail of happiest emotions coming all over me and I am still basking in this glory.

 Congratulations Praggatti and we look forward to more books authored by you 

Cheers to Happy Parents & Happy Children!