#SecretSuperstar This review is as timely as yesterday’s newspaper. Most of us have either seen the movie already or are biding our time till Amazon prime delivers.

AK productions have hit upon a winning formula – Tell stirring stories of insuppressible talents from the hinterland, who make it against all odds. Throw in some angst like domestic violence, dyslexia or parochial mindsets. Add in an utterly gooey hearted mom and a wonky dad. Tug at the heartstrings of audience, with the family’s conflicts and trauma. Show them succeed.

Voila, You have your hit movie ready. ( e.g. Taare Zameen Par, Dangal and the latest offering)

#SecretSuperstar’s protagonist ( played by Zaira Wasim of Dangal fame) Insia’s dreams are basic – She wants to reach for the stars and save her mom from her dastardly dad. She seeks Music Director Shakti Kumaarr’s ( played with gusto, by Aamir Khan) help, to escape out of her rut. 

But who saves whom, forms the crux of this fairy tale. You sleep to dream and you wake up to work on those gossamer dreams! As simple as that!

But do good samaritans exist? Do our dreams fructify that easily without the requisite blood, sweat, and toil? Can young girls soar unfettered? 

These are indeed cynical times. So sometimes, you gotta let go!

On the downside, for a picture touted as a musical, the music falls flat. There are many threads running simultaneously and though the director cleverly uses the motif of ‘secret superstar’, this falls short of justifying the hype around the movie. The ladies and Chintan ( the besotted boy) with his dimples are topnotch.

In all, an endearing movie, where a simple girl becomes the steel magnolia! 

Yet we see Golmaal earning twice as much!! 

Watch the trailer here