Tuesdays have started to feel like festive Fridays now. GurgaonMoms association with Tata Tea Gold has made Tuesdays more colourful and meaningful. Tata Tea Gold’s slogan #DilKiSuno became our mantra for #TalentTuesday where we encouraged our members to listen to their hearts #DilKiSuno and post their talent under #TalentTuesday. 
#DilKiSuno was not only a visual treat but also an inspiration. Women started to pursue something they always wanted to. #TalentTuesday #DilKiSuno became their release from their hectic and stressful lives. 
We have had some wonderful submissions under #TalentTuesdays for the month of July.
Suchi Ta made a beautiful painting where a lady is walking with two little girls and holding their hands. She wrote that she loves her niece and her adoptive daughter, and this is the depiction of the love that she has for them. 
Suchi Ta shares that she used to see #TalentTuesday post and seeing others, she got inspired. Though a designer by profession, she loves to paint. She shared her precious #DilKiSuno moment with us. 
The response was tremendous and heart warming. Her confidence soar to another level. Such Ta is busy running her holiday home in the mountains but she strongly believes in listening to our heart and following your passions. Hamesha #DilKiSuno.
Sneha Rathi posted a stunning artwork with intricate detailing – two apples kept on a folded piece of jute. You could see the waxy coating of the apple, the texture of the wooden table and the lint of jute. It took her more than thirty hours to complete this piece. 
Sneha was anxious when she posted, she was not sure if it would get appreciated. But the response was so encouraging. Her phone could not stop beeping. She listened to her heart #DilKiSuno and posted under #TalentTuesday. She says that it was the most rewarding moment in her life. Sneha says that spending some time on one’s passion everyday can bring a sense of accomplishment that truly brings a purpose in one’s life. Hamesha #DilKiSuno
Sudha Singh felt anticipation when she posted her first dance video and kept refreshing her screen to see the responses. Her anticipation soon turned into great excitement to see such encouraging comments. She felt a great sense of accomplishment after she shared her #DilKiSuno moment with GurgaonMoms. She was so glad to be a part of this community where members encourage others to follow their passion. 
GurgaonMoms surely believes and encourages everyone to #DilKISuno.