#DilKiSuno was one of the most meaningful hashtags that emerged when Tata Tea Gold was associated with GurgaonMoms.
#DilKiSuno became our mantra and we encouraged our members to listen to their hearts #DilKiSuno   and share their talents with us on Tuesday under #TalentTuesday and it became a complete blockbuster !!
The response has been overwhelming and so inspiring.

We have had some wonderful submissions under #TalentTuesdays for the month of June.

Bhavya Mishra recorded a beautiful dance video where she is performing ‘Ghoomar’ dance. Though she works in an MNC, she is very creative. For her dancing is unwinding. It is her escape from all the stress ! She listened to her heart #DilKiSuno and posted this video, she was not sure about the response but she was sure that GurgaonMoms is a safe haven because here ‘nobody judges’. She felt so much joy when she shared the video. The comments and likes kept increasing. The response was overwhelming. Though she has been dancing since childhood, she regained her confidence after fifteen years. The spark re-ignited and she was encouraged to share more #DilKiSuno  moments with us! Bhavya says, “Everyone should #DilKiSuno”

Click here to watch her beautiful Ghoomar dance 

Chanchala Batra is a fashion designer who loves to indulge in painting. During lockdown, she wanted to channelise her energy into something positive. She listened to her heart #DilKiSuno and started painting. She shared her #DilKiSuno art work under #TalentTuesday and the response was overwhelming. People who did not know her personally were appreciating her and it was a great motivation. #DilKiSuno became her strength! She says, always #DilKiSuno to find your stress buster.

Check her beautiful creation here

Anshu Bhatia’s favourite community is GurgaonMoms and she loved sharing her #DilKiSuno moments with us. She loves singing and feels pretty nice when she gets appreciated. Even though she feels that she is an amateur singer, she feels wonderful sharing.
Her heart is filled with gratitude for those who post under #TalentTuesday, as they inspire others to share their #DilKiSuno moments.
Click here to listen to her 

We at GurgaonMoms, echo the same thought, listen to your heart. Hamesha #DilKiSuno and share your creative moments under #TalentTuesday
Tata Tea Gold mantra #DilKiSuno will be cherished forever!