‘The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”  Yves Saint Laurent

Covid lockdown is not a desired patch that we all ever wanted in our lives. People are reacting in two ways either accepting or reacting. So why not to accept this and encourage self care by delivering indulgent experience. Make-up & skincare helps to know a female herself better. Let’s practice some healthy rituals for body, mind and soul.

Nourishing the Skin 

We all have started learning to live with the 3-S-of-Life – Skin, Soap & Sanitizer. But that’s not all – being healthy is great! but looking & feeling beautiful is Wow!


Its rightly said, the beauty comes from within. We need to have healthy diet along with external cosmetics. We should include vitamin E rich food, grains and roughage in our daily diet. A fruit on a plate is fruit on face to give external nourishment. Almond oil, honey and lemons has always been a part of women’s beauty basket. This will make the skin beautiful both from inside and outside.

Minimalistic Make-up

The minimalistic make-up is the call of the pandemic times. Replacing the foundation with BB creams and CC creams with SPF is advised. Playing with more colours on eyes, as the lips are covered with mask. The regular office or daily look can be enhanced with warm colours of eye liners, avoiding black. Nude blushers and nude lipsticks are the style of the season. Remember, your make-up should always walk with you and not precede you.

With the social gathering size reducing and so is the make-up. Be safe and try minimalistic make-up on yourself. Contouring can be completely avoided, as it will make you face look compressed. You can play with vibrant colour of eye shadows matching your mask more than the dress. The neon colours will enhance the look and make it more attractive.


Make-up Removal


Always remove make-up using baby oils. At night, try using a milky cleanser on dry skin. Do not splash face with water, first massage it in for two minutes. Then make sure to give it a good rinse. After that apply an exfoliating toner, a treatment ampoule, serum, and then moisturizer. The same can also be done in the morning, minus the ampoules.


 Make-up Tutorials 

If you are not good at self-make-up, try taking some online classes. There are many free and paid session available online. Else, call professional make-up artists who are well equipped with proper sanitised and disposable products. Nowadays, all artists must also be using disposable masks, bibs, eye liner brushes, mascara wands and so on. Also, check, he/she is not coming from the containment areas of the city.

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Monika Sharma is an actor turned makeup artist with the passion for self-expression on a living canvas. Her deep love for cosmetics and colours helped her in exploring new horizons. She has gained the experience in Fashion make-ups, Editorial makeups, Party and Bridal makeups.

Her USP lies in using high-end luxurious professional products matching skin types.You may contact for any kind of make-ups and make-up tutorial /online self-makeup classes at 9873302330

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