Valentine’s day has become the special day for expressing love to the ones we love. It’s that time of the year when love is clearly in the air. It’s also that time of the year when you hope to get the answer to whether the person you love, loves you too. Thus, there is this excitement and anticipation of meeting the special one for Valentine date lunch/dinner, the preparation for which begins pretty much from the start of the new year. The choices to be made are many. From the clothes to wear to the colour of the flowers, from the gifts to buy to the venue for the date, from the age of Wine to the cuisine for the occasion, each and every little detail is carefully and painstakingly planned.

Valentine’s day is a day of rising in love, expressing it and feeling the love. In which case, shouldn’t this love be first and foremost for that single person who spends 24X7 with you and will be there until your very last day? Which is YOU. How often we do you cherish and celebrate yourself and feel the manifestations of love and strength.

Let’s understand why we hesitate or this thought does not strike us about how much we owe to ourselves too. There is this belief that by indulging in self-love we are running towards the judgement of being called selfish and self-centred. What is surprising is that there is a large number of women who carry that guilt that if they love themselves, they take away love from others as if women will exhaust all the love. Really!!!

Appreciating and celebrating oneself is a way of fuelling up yourself and cherishing all the love and care we shower on our family friends and so on. Celebrating oneself is without any judgments. Self-love is like acknowledging our own existence without having to worry what others might think, it’s a promise and reminder from myself to myself that I am important and I matter


The unfortunate reality is how many of us can actually realize and appreciate ourselves too. We are quite reluctant to love ourselves and most of the time see it as an imposition. This is because we don’t realize how important it is for us to live our own moments too and how to celebrate them. Thus, most of the time we end up making it look like a task where we need to take out time for ourselves at the cost of our time for our family.

Cherish and live for yourself, as you owe it to yourself too. We all are blessed with that unlimited force that exists within us with enough love to feel whole and complete and supremely connected. Life happens and this energy does get clouded a lot of times. However, remind yourself that you matter too.

Here are some simple tips for you to try to connect and establish your love for yourself

Write a letter to yourself

Write a letter to yourself from your higher self. It can be a note intended to reveal anything you need to hear. Once you have written, do re-read it to yourself and receive all that your higher self-wants you to know. Be aware that this higher self is you and only you. Thus, all the wisdom and love you need is already inside you.

Mirror Gaze

Stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes. Maintain eye contact till the time you see what you are supposed to see and tell yourself you are important and you matter. This is a powerful exercise to help you remember that you are divine.

Heal yourself

While taking a shower, bless the water and announce out loud or silently, that all your blocks /negative thoughts are getting washed. You may have salt bath or luscious oils.


Make a promise to yourself this Valentine’s Day, that for days and weeks and months to come, you’ll be your number one priority on your love list. Close your eyes and see where you leave yourself. Keep your hand on your heart and ask “what do I want for myself today?” Please ask yourself how much love you feel for your oneself, ask yourself did I take care of my heart, my feelings, my dreams myself?” You have all the answers within you and it’s about time you really see how important you are to yourself. Give yourself a big hug.


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