Our community member Meenal Bansal asked a very basic question that surely bothers many.

As the temperature sores up what are all of you doing to keep the homes cool. Obviously, I am looking for suggestions beyond the AC that we are all using and adding to the pollution. Looking forward to some innovative ideas I can learn and copy.

These were some of the tips shared by our smart moms

  • Dry Leaves Sunscreen Bags for Roof=Our member Anjali Sharma suggests –If you are living on the topmost floor, something like this can cool down the temperature by about 4C. My father-in-law had achieved a 3 C change by simply putting waste thermocol sheets covered by old bed sheets. This was posted by someone in CitizensForCleanAir group. He had done it for his home and recorded temperatures too 
  • Blackout Curtains- Awnings, curtains, blinds, and shades can keep you cool. Exhaust fans can help in pulling the hot air out
  • The age-old chick-Close windows and doors before sun getting hot
  • Coolers-Tamanna Bhatnagar Kapoor has got ducting done. She further suggests putting the green kapda ( mesh ) outside to shield from sun rays.
  • Sakshi Chauhan usually closes all the doors and windows and opens them only after 4 pm. Use tinted glass as  it helps to reflect direct sunlight 
  • Upside down kulhads and industrial thickness thermocol sheets on the terrace and then layered with a finish of cement tiles. This is what Sona Gupta Joshi got done 25 years back and is still the most popular way of insulating. Alternatively, they have also used glass wool bags for insulation between false ceiling spaces. Works well for both summers and winters.
  •  Weatherproof window glasses maintain the temperature inside the house to such levels that minimize the use of air conditioners 
  • Indoor & Outdoor Plants
  • Heat Resistant Roof Paint

Thank you, supermoms, for this.Hope these suggestions can help bring down the temperatures at least inside our homes and keep the electricity bills under control!