There’s something about a good cup of tea, it comforts and invigorates at the same time.  A perfect start to the morning or cosy solace after a long, tiring day is what my cuppa of green tea does for me. I keep experimenting with different brands and kinds of tea so I was naturally curious about Teamonk Global’s Sei White Tea.

Sei means purity in Zen philosophy and reflects order and cleanliness in the physical and spiritual world.  According to Teamonk Global, “Our white tea from the Nilgiris is most befitting of this name due to its subtle flavour and experience that requires stillness of mind and environment to appreciate in its entirety”. I felt calm and collected just reading this; imagine what the tea would do to me! The packaging is simple yet striking. The black exterior is classy and sturdy, in tandem with the uncluttered feeling that the brand is conveying.  This tea is priced at Rs.500 for 50gms.

I followed the brewing instructions to the “t”- just boil 150ml of water in a pan, take it off the flame, add a one levelled teaspoon of the tea leaves to the pan, cover the pan for 3 minutes to let it brew and voila your cup is ready. Maybe another reason why I like such teas, the fuss is minimal, very Zen like!

What may strike some first, is the colour. Contrary to popular belief white tea isn’t white when brewed.  Its name derives from the fine silvery white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant, which give the plant a whitish appearance.  These leaves also undergo the least amount of processing. The buds are hand rolled to lock in its inherent flavour and dried in natural sunlight to help bring out its taste and aroma.  White tea also undergoes the least amount of oxidation which gives it a soft delicate flavour in comparison to green, oolong or black tea.

Getting back to my cup of Sei White Tea, the colour is a lovely light amber and it does get darker the longer you let it brew. The fragrance is fresh, earthy and light. Close your eyes and you’re transported to a tea plantation, complete with clear skies and a gentle breeze. The tea is mellow yet gives you a kick. It is smooth, clean on the palate with no bitter after taste.  Despite being delicate and low on caffeine, it is full of flavour. The perfect pick-me up, this tea left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This tea is best had with a meal or to wind down at the end of the day.


Now if that wasn’t enough to entice you to try Sei White Tea, this hot beverage with its rich antioxidants including polyphenols (a phytonutrient), has various health benefits including anti-ageing properties.  Beautiful skin and a wholesome body may just be a sip away!  I also tried Sozen Orange Green Tea which has a delightful “citrusy” taste and the Wa Oolong tea. The latter could be a hit with Oolong lovers with its robust yet delicate flavour.

If White tea isn’t your cup of goodness, Teamonk Global offers a huge collection that might pique your interest. You are truly spoilt for change as their tea selection also includes Black, Green and Oolong teas curated by tea connoisseurs.  You may like to go for the “Sangha Teabag collection”, which contains 5 different selections of the Teamonk Global range and is priced at Rss.600. Treat yourself or buy it for a tea lover. I’m positive they’ll be grateful!

 If that wasn’t all, these teas are curated keeping one’s mood in mind. So the next time you’re  feeling over whelmed, anxious, stressed or sleepy, brew yourself a cup of tea and let it flow through you, spreading the warmth and calm.