Where there is a Will, there is a Way

Meet Arun Gupta, a 54-year-old green crusader, an electrical engineer by profession, working as a VP in a Thermal Power Plant.

He started to work for the environment in 2015 after seeing the garbage and nuisance at every corner of the city. They say that charity begins at home, so he started from his house and achieved his goal of a Zero-Waste home in 2017.

It was his dream project to organize the wedding of his son, Anushman on zero waste. They didn’t buy and didn’t gift anything which requires a dustbin. Even no display of laminated sarees, ornament, etc. was used.


1. Envelope for Shagun and the invitation was from Plantable seed paper.
2. Sweets were distributed in customized Handi with Butter paper.
3. Gifts and Sweet Handi were distributed in Customised Jute Bag, which can be carried for personal use.
4. Bagasse and leaf bowls/plates were provided from our own to a luxury hotel in Faridabad when Hotel refused to provide Bio-degradable for snacks.
When authorities failed to mark the disposal system on each packing, they introduced the disposal/use method for all the distributed items.
To add to his brilliant initiative, Mr. Gupta’s daughter-in-law, Indu also joined in by planting a sapling as a part of the marriage customs. 





Kudos to Mr. Arun Gupta and his family for working towards sustainable living. He has also been engaged with the  Save Aravali NGO for the same reason and started activities for awareness on waste management, and also water harvesting designing. Mr. Gupta also created awareness in the Lions Club to organize Bhandaras using bio-degradable plates & bowls.

He helped converted a dumping area in the green belt, fenced it and started Paudha Bank with Daksh Foundation. Paudha Bank in Faridabad where anyone can donate or take plants without any cost.

We hope more and more people come forward and pledge towards a greener environment and sustainable living.


Sustainability and Eco friendliness is all about a mind set. The moment you change your mind, your action will follow your brain. And the best part is that sustainable options are available.-Sameera Satija 

Thank you, Sameera for sharing Mr. Gupta’s post on Facebook and spreading awareness. Your work as the Founder of Crockery Bank For Everyone is commendable and truly inspiring 

Are you a part of any movement like this and contributing to environmental conservation and safety. Do share your story in the comments section or write to our Managing Editor  at [email protected]