Child Safety

How to Talk to your Child about Sexual Abuse?

The very thought that someone can molest your child can be extremely terrifying for any parent. The fear, trauma, and pain that the child may have to experience at such a tender age are definitely a frightening thought to even consider. Just the experience of the thought is enough to freak out any parent who may never want to even think about it again. And of course, all of us would hope that something so terrible would never happen to our beloved child. But the reality can be a little different. According to data, every 1 girl in 4 girls...

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CBSE Issues a Circular to Schools Regarding the Safety of Children in Schools

The horrific incident at Ryan International school where a little boy was brutally murdered has shaken everyone . Sadly, this is not only incident that has happened in the past week inside school premises . A 5 year old was raped in an empty classroom by the school peon , a newly appointed dance teacher misbehaved with 9 year old student , an 8 year old was punished by the teacher and was made to use the boy's washroom because she was not wearing her school uniform . Every single day innocent children are being subjected to such horrors across...

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Safety Rules & Tips for Children

As a parent we are bound to be concerned about our child’s safety, whether at home or outside. Children should be under adult supervision always and never alone. However at times it might not be possible and hence it is imperative that we educate children about the basic safety rules that they need to follow always in order to be safe especially at school. We live in a society where there are more of nuclear families than joint families and both parents might have to step out to work. The children are without you in school or a daycare...

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How to Talk to your Child about Good Touch & Bad Touch

Workshop for children -Parents must be alert, and can also help their children be aware through this workshop,which psychiatrists recommend be held at regular intervals. This can be watched on YouTube only once you click 'Watch on YouTube'   This video is an excerpt from a TV show Satyamev Jayate that was aired on Star Plus in May 2012 Video & Feature Image Source :...

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Checklist for Parents before choosing a Day Care

The recent finger entrapment incident at a popular day-care centre in Gurgaon has shaken all the parents yet again. Child safety is imperative and as parents, it is our responsibility to be aware of the required safety checks that are an absolute requisite in any daycare centre, pre-school or a play school. We need to ensure that we ourselves check if the required measures are in place before choosing a home away from home for our kids.Mentioned is the checklist would help you zero down on your decision as child safety is a priority Checklist The facility is located...

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