Recipe Name: Konkan Fish Ambotick
Contributed by / Prize Details Shilpa Koteshwar / Second Prize Winner
Cuisine / Region: Karnataka
Ingredients are:
# Ingredient  
1 500gms Fish(firm,white,like pomfret ,sole mackerel )  
2 2tbs Chopped coriander leaves  
3 2 ts.  Salt  
4 1ts. Oil  
5 1 Small onion  
  For the wet masala(to  ground in mixi or wet grinder)  
1 1/2  Coconut  
2 2 1/2tbs. Coriander seeds  
3 1ts. Turmeric  
4 2 ts or according to taste chilli powder  
5 1/4 ts.  Peppercorn  
6 1. Small onion  
7 Kokam bits or tamarind  
8 7 to 8  Garlic pods  
Prepration Method:

Shilpa (1)1. Clean, cut and wash the fish . Marinate the fish pieces with salt.

2. Make a fine paste of all the ingredient s listed in wet masala with little water. Curry tastes better if the masala is very results with wet grinder if not available use mixi. The masala should be the consistency of Kali dal  for reference.keep aside.

3. Finely chop one onion 

4. In a wide mouthed and heavy based pan take 1ts oil and fry chopped onions..

5.To this add the wet masala and adjust the consistency by adding water.  The curry should not be too runny or too thick.add salt according to taste ,note the fish is already marinated  with salt so add accordingly.Then add chopped coriander leaves.let it come to a boil,let it simmer for 5min.

6.To this curry add the marinated fish and kokam bits , after this the gas should be on sim. Let the fish cook for about 5 to 7 mins . (Note:don't over cook the fish) the. Fish should be firm  and white .

7.serve with steamed rice and Konkan fried fish.

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