A Tale straight from the heart
Of a family who start
By renting a farm
To enjoy some of life’s charms
Binding the tale and also the reason
Is Mr. Farmer, a man of all seasons
His love for the land and
the cows who he understands
Makes his dream come alive 
For his family of five
Of Peanut, Papad, and Pickle
Who wrap your hearts with their sparkle
Unfettered by any concepts like pauses and punctuation
The twins often put on brakes to Mom’s meditation
Loved her metaphor of soggy biscuit in a teacup
For life which looked normal but was, in reality, a mashup
She is helped by a yoga teacher who cares
Does her best being a lady who shares
Her wisdom, her calm
To fix the anxiety of the new farm
The sight of stars in the sky
Are some of the perks which come by & by
Rani and her little pups
Help in getting rid of the few hiccups
But the patient sadness in Rani’s eyes
Upon her pups’ demise
Brings tears to the eyes
Amidst the kids’ cries
There are sadhus who should have been on the right marg
Being taught lessons at night by a naag
Finally the rhythm of life
Explained by the metronome’s strike
When it feels you are offbeat
In reality, you have achieved a feat
The sudden realization
A kind of self-actualization
That the pause between each breath
Brings peace and good health
Feature Image Source: HarperCollins India