The bond is so thick
You could see at CLIK
Regulars, first timers, and team members
Incredible camaraderie and energy like embers.
We don’t play dress up, we stand up for each other
In times of need we are the un- biological sisters!



An Unbreakable Bond ,That ‘CLIK’

It was an incredible morning on September 1st as we all got ready for the CLIK (Chat, Learn, Inspire, and Konnect) GurgaonMoms networking catch-up event!
We all connected with amazing women, where we had engaging conversations and lots of fun.

Here are the details of the event



An Immersive Discussion with Ravinder Singh

Because….When we say Immersive…we mean just that 
The saying “Never judge a book by it’s cover ” is soooo relevant to this Being –Ravinder Singh !!
You don’t know him? Be there, you will – I am also attaching a link which may help you recall seeing him, sometime somewhere 
(but that’s not all he does!)
And if you know him , you must be there Not just for him but for the stories you must hear of the life he’s lived…and is living and loving…!!


ces't la vie

C’est la vie – Ginny’s Story About Life Finding A Way

Behind every business is a story of struggle and hard work. We bring to you the inspiring story of Ginny Gill Chauhan, who was driven by passion, and how she overcame the roadblocks.


power dressing

Power Dressing:Dress to Express

All of us have a unique dressing style. Some of us like to go with comfort, and some of us like to go with what’s trending.
But there is a concept called ‘Power Dressing’ – where one dresses to express ‘empowerment’!
Let’s dig into our next article, where Anu Tayal, an Image Consultant, talks more about power dressing.


Strong Women Raise Strong Children: Meet Magical Anshita

We celebrate ‘Teacher’s Day’ every year on September 5.
Teaching is one of the most gratifying professions in the world. A teacher not only puts in hard work but also puts in her heart and soul.
Here is the heartwarming story of Anshita, whose life revolves around children and empowering them with education.


 Community Buzz

Job Opportunities

Do you intend to change jobs or careers or rejoin woek ? You might be interested in the positions listed below.


Meet our #shukravaarstylemaar queens of the fortnight as they rocked the 6-yard wonder at our recent in-person networking event – C.L.I.K. with GurgaonMoms.

What is your personal style ? Have you found it yet ? If yes, please post in our community ( on Fridays and who knows, you may be featured next

Ila Prakash Singh:Do you think I am a sexy sanskari naari in this pretty baby pink and white Dhakai Jamdani saree?
The weekend started in the pinks of health for me at C.L.I.K. with GurgaonMoms. How was your day ? 
Ragini Saxena: What a pleasant and cheerful day it was! Had a wonderful time at C.L.I.K. with GurgaonMoms. The perfect venue with scrumptious food and energetic, powerful, dynamic ladies all around. The place was full of good vibes, smiles, warmth and positivity… was such a pleasure to meet like minded people!


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