Since i saw a post on delayed periods, wanted to share how i overcame my irregular menstrual cycle and a couple of other problems.

I'd come back home from office everyday, and drop down on the bed on my stomach, almost crying because of the acute upper back pain owing to bad sitting posture at work. I'd get frequent migrane attacks (i wasn't on any birth control pills), yet, just about anything was a trigger — late lunch, strong sun, stress at work, sleep deprivation, anything. And 3rd, my irregular cycles would drive me mad — bloated body, 45-60 day gaps, irritability.

This was 4 years ago. 4 years hence, i do not have any of these problems. And I didn't take a single medication. 
Being 4-5 kgs overweight, i had started gyming. The usual treadmill, cross training etc. Nothing rigorous. A fellow gym enthusiast noticed that i was a regular and asked me to join the running club she had started along with a few others. I said No, for, I had never run in my life! She promised me that anyone could run, and that there was no specific age to start. That was in 2013. I was 36 years old then. I joined her '
Powai group, Run Amrit Shakti', full of freshers at that point of time. We started off with 5 kms. Then 8,9,10, 15, 21 happened as if in a dream. 4 years later, with quite a few half marathons behind me, i call myself a 'runner'. And have bid a firm goodbye to back pain, migrane and irregular cycles. No medication, no doctor. Only regular running twice a week and strength training twice a week.

Would strongly recommend to those who complain of similar problems — blame the sedentary lifestyle. Ditch it and get into running or some active sports like badminton/tennis.And don't forget ladies, we are all inching towards menopause. Let's try to make it easy for our body to accept those changes…


Deepa Dutta Chaudhuri