Motherhood can be a total bliss if things work out the way we want to. starting from ‘babies should never get colic to children should just do their homework on their own and read lots of books.’

Mostly its the reading habit that we can help form. But sometimes inculcating a regular reading habit or a routine can be very challenging.

A lot of mothers load their kids’ bookshelves (with a good intention of course) with a lot of books. This ends up with the child getting intimidated. Then its a never ending road. The parents keep forcing the child to read read read, and the poor child doesn’t want to.

Try introducing one book at a time. It should have lot of pictures with less text (with a big font). If your child likes animals, start with animal based books. If your child likes nature, try introducing nature based books. This method worked for my mother and it worked for me too.

As children get older, apart from story books, you can introduce them to children’s periodic publications. They are very interesting and once your child gets into the habit of reading these publications, it will be a treat to watch them as they eagerly wait for the next issue. There are different articles, quizzes, other fun activities that they can read and do.


Following is a list of a few publications that are easily available in India: 

  1. The Young Chronicle – The young chronicle is highly recommended by a lot of moms. The young chronicle offers a fortnightly newspaper (7 different reading levels), an app that covers articles and interesting information for children and workshops in Gurgaon and Bangalore. All the content is written by mothers. You can get in touch with them at [email protected]or +91 7982801205


  1. Primary Plus – It is an activity based paper for young children. This is a fortnightly paper to provide children with good educational material. To subscribe, you can contact customer care at +91 9810944484 or [email protected]


  1. Kaleidoscope: This is an initiative of fellow moms to revive the love of reading. It has some inspiring articles and other fun facts for children. They can be printed at home. The subscription is free. The can be checked out at  Kaleidoscope


  1. The Children’s Post – The children’s post is a daily newspaper created for children by mothers. The newspaper is optimised for home printing, so one can easily take a print out at home.


  1. Junior Imprint – Junior imprint is a monthly printed and online newsletter. Every story is chosen and written for children. you can check them out at [email protected] or +91 9953054420.


  1. Kidsage – Kids Age is a monthly children’s newspaper for children studying till 8th standard. It also provides children with opportunities to get their work published and win prizes. You can contact them at [email protected]or +91 8128123773


  1. Newshuttle –  News Shuttle is a fortnightly newspaper for children of ages 6 to 14. This paper brings news from across the globe, that matters to children. They can be contacted at [email protected]or +91 8698790004


  1. Eternal Ganges Press Pvt. Ltd, – They have monthly publications. one can subscribe to their news letters. They have books for all kinds of people including children. Their publications mostly talk about peace and happiness for all.  You can check them out at


  1. Mocomag – It is a free digital online magazine that has interactive learning sessions catering to the kids between 3 and 14 years of age. They believe that useless screen time should be replaced with this. For more information, you can go to


  1. Beyond Classrooms – It is a monthly subscription. This magazine has interesting topics and news for young children. You can check them out at


  1. Magic Pot – Magic Pot is an activity based English magazine for nursery and primary schoolers. that combines fun with a scientific approach to child development. In three months subscription,13 issues are available. For subscription, you can visit manorama-product-details-magazines.subscription.MT.html


  1. Sanctuary Cubs – This magazine is for children who love  animals. There are interesting articles on wildlife. this magazine is ideal for 5 years and plus. There are six issues in a year. For more information, visit


  1. The Children’s Magazine – This is a fortnightly magazine that focuses the children in the age group of 4 – 9 years. The font size is easy on the eyes. There are activities with every article. For more information, visit’s-Magazine/6051


  1. Highlights Genies – This is a magazine for 2-6 year olds. It is designed to keep children busy in fun activities. It is suitable for readers who love to be read out loud or have just begun to read on their own. It usually has one issue a month. For more information visit


  1. Highlights Champs: This magazine is for 6 – 12 year olds. In every issue, there are new topics , stories, games, puzzles, riddles, jokes, experiments, science projects, art and craft activities. It usually has one issue a month. For more information visit


  1. Hoot – Hoot is designed for children from 6 – 12 years of age. There are some very interesting articles that share useful tips as to how to deal with the exam stress, also informative articles on science, history. They believe that children need to expand their knowledge beyond textbooks. For more information, contact [email protected]


  1. Kids Explore – This is a fortnightly magazine ideal for children 6 years and above. The activities are carefully designed to ensure development in areas such as math, writing, reading, thinking and values. For more information, visit


  1. National Geographic Kids – This magazine is suitable for children 6 years and up. Each issue is packed with stories about wildlife, science and technology. There are about 10 issues per year. For more information, visit


  1. Robin Age – This is a weekly newspaper for children. It has news and information on current affairs, science, history, careers and environment. There are lots of activities, puzzles and interactive projects. Digital edition is also available. You can visit more information.


  1. Akkad Bakkad (in Hindi) – This is an ideal magazine for children over 7 years of age who love to read in Hindi. Each issue contains short stories, moral stories, colouring activities and puzzles. To subscribe, you can visit


  1. Tell me Why – This is a comprehensive and an educative guide by Manorma publications. It is designed for children over 7 years of age. The magazine has interesting topics in question answer form. This is a monthly publication. For more information, you can visit


  1. BBC Knowledge: This is a magazine ideal for inquisitive children who are 8 years and above. This magazine covers subjects like history, science and nature. This is a monthly magazine. For more information, visit


  1. OYLA – This is a monthly science magazine meant for children over 8 years old. The content is focussed on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). it breaks down complex topics into simple terms to make it easier for young leaders to understand.


Some publications that need no description. The following publications were most children’s best friend. There would always be a secret war with the sibling as to who will read the comic or book first. The restless await would be totally worth it.


  1. Champak: It is a popular fortnightly magazine for children published in total 8 languages. It has stories, comic strips, puzzles, brain teasers and jokes that children love. They also have a digital issues so you can read them on your electronic devices. For further details you can contact them at  [email protected]


  1. Tinkle – Tinkle is one of the oldest comic magazines for children in India. Apart from interesting stories, there are quizzes and art contests. It is ideal for children over five years of age and there are about two issues in a month. For more information, visit

3. Chacha Chaudhary – This is one of the most famous comics of India. it is ideal for children over 7 years of age. There are more than 2 million readers all over the country who have loved reading Chacha Chaudhary. This comic is published in more than 10 languages. For more information. Contact [email protected] or +91 9999977618 / 9818029797


  1. Chandamama  and Junior Chandamama – this is one of the oldest magazines for children in India. It is a monthly subscription. Chandamama is suitable for children over 9 years of age where as junior Chandamama is suitable for children over 4 years old. This magazine covers a wide range of titles from Indian history, mythology and culture.