Modern Love on Amazon Prime is a lovely ode to modern-day relationships set in New York City. It’s a series of 8 poignant short stories that depict love beyond the typical Bollywood kinds.

It doesn’t portray surrendering oneself for your love or compromising with everything and sulk to stay in the wedlock. On the contrary, it explores relationships between two people who certainly don’t have to be in a romantic relationship because love is beyond that. There is a slice of real life in each of its stories and that makes it so relatable.

My personal favourite was episode 3 –“Take Me As I Am, Whoever I Am”in which Anne Hathway plays Lexi, a lawyer with bipolar disorders struggling to manage her highs and lows. The director has depicted mental health in such a powerful way that a layman can connect to what goes in a person’s life with bipolar disorder

When she is high, she would step out at the wee hours in the night and would charm the men in the supermarket into having breakfast with her. But when she is low, she can barely get out of bed and be herself. She has her extremes and just when she is all cheerful and enthusiastic, things would change the next second.

She misses those planned dates with her boyfriend and arrives late to work, almost making people baffled by the change in her behaviour. Nobody has an inkling about that erratic behaviour because she is extremely secretive about the challenges mental health creates in her life

However eventually, she finds an emotional connection with a woman with whom she decides to be friends and shares her challenges with her.

The episode beautifully ends with a strong message about how trusting one true friend could change everything. Ann Hathaway has done a stupendous job portraying Lexi’s mental health disorder

I loved watching episode 1, 3, 7, 8

I finished the entire series in one sitting and each story has a completely different love story to tell

Modern Love
IDMB Rating – 8
Episodes – 8

Do watch this series if you have not, I am sure you will like it. Provided you have seen it, I would love to know your thoughts

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