The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading again like wildfire now. India as of now has more than 19,29329 active cases and the numbers are increasing by the day. This is the time for everyone to be even more careful and not let their guard down. Many cities including Gurgaon are under night curfew again and if the cases keep on rising then more stringent measures may be taken. Wearing a mask, social distancing, and getting vaccinated if imperative.

The government has been regularly issuing guidelines for all to follow. Whether one is an essential service provider, or a business owner, an office goer, or a homemaker. We all need to follow the guidelines, rules, and regulations of the Government.


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Covid-19: Proning for Self Care 

An IT team has built an App called for Delhi NCR Covid resources such as oxygen, medicines, plasma, hospital beds, food services, ambulances, etc. A team of 15 volunteers is verifying the leads every 3 hours.

Some more helplines