Becoming a mother or a father is one of the greatest thing to happen to a human being , but you bet being a parent is completely different. Its a long process of learning which starts from the day baby comes in a mother’s womb and goes on and on and on…
Parenting is a art which needs to be learnt, acquired and trust me it can be mastered too
As your child grows one thing to remember which will ease out a lot of stress from your life is
We will start off with the few basics which, if followed will take you a long way and make both

yours and your child’s journey much easier and happier.

The Golden rule – “ Please remember your child is a individual treat him like one , no matter how old your child his treat him with respect at all times “
A child will have a mind of his own, mood of his own, emotions of his own, likes and dislikes of his own. Avoid loading him with your desires and wants. Respect their mood swings don’t forget you have your times too.
Yes, listen , listen to the smallest of thing, silliest of story, even the anger hatred , for children are the simplest and most innocent and with them every emotion will have a expression so please learn to be ears all the time – to the smallest of things.
There is this small thing I have been following with my kids for years, every day when my kids ( one 14 and one 3) come back from school i have this dedicated half an hour for them during which we share rather 
they share what has happened in school. The energy with which they share is remarkable. And specially my daughter she will non stop go on and on just talking i acknowledge every sentence and most of the times its only one sided as its she who talks , this relieves her of all the negative emotions.
In a way both know that mom and dad can be approached for anything and anytime. We talk about everything and anything under the sun.

Give some and take some – Yes, though it may sound a little odd but this will work like magic. We often make rules in the house and these rules become like monsters that eat away all the peace of the house. Please remember its absolutely necessary to make rules but it is even more important to bend them and more than once a while break them
So if our child has to drink a cup of milk every day , nothing will happen if he doesn’t for one day , or if he sleeps and extra hour…….address their need they will remember to address yours.

“Mom can i skip studies today please “
Mom – What !! how can u even say that ? there will be no compromise
Child sulks

“ Mom can I Skip studies today?”
Mom – “ don’t think thats a very good thing to do “
Child – “ Please , I promise I ll Make it up tom”
Mom – Ok
Mom happy , child happy
Definitely that does not mean you should never put your foot down.
Practice what you Preach
Well you cant be impatient and expect your child to be patient
You can be ill tempered and want your child to be cool headed
You have to cut your TV watching to tell him to stick to his schedule .
You can be eating on the bed and want them to eat on the table
And so on and on
Its important. Let Me share this incident

My daughter would often complain about one of her friends who would flare up at smallest of things. I happen to meet her mother in a few get to-gethers and I knew the answer to the WHY?
Don’t let your children be your punching bags
Cause thats the worst thing to do. They would never know what happened and all they ll remember is the hurt and the pain



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