I had moved away from it all. The questions that had been troubling me for so long had ended. For some, I had found the answers and for some, I had not. But, the requirement of trying to find had ended. 

"Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is life all about?"

These were some of them and some others that had stemmed from the travails of life. They were based on the choices I made, the events I had been subjected to, got the people I had met or the relationships I had formed.
I was now at a place which was beyond these. I no longer got involved in other people's life choices or in their chatter.

I felt that I was on the periphery watching everything, yet absorbing none. For I no longer needed any extra information. I no longer needed any extra thoughts.

I was happy in my own world. 

A chance meeting with an old friend jolted me out of this peaceful and calm state. We had studied together and he was now a Director in a blue chip company. He had the works. A beautiful penthouse in Manhattan,a villa in Spain, a boathouse and what not. He was a name to reckon with in his field. Working by the clock,he had squeezed out ten minutes out of his schedule to meet me.

Though we chatted like great friends,he was appalled at my choices. I had a small outfit running which I had successfully turned to run on "auto" mode.Due to this,I was free most of the time, which I devoted to my writings,my meditation and existing. Just being. Just going with the flow of what life had to offer. Smelling the flowers, listening to the birds and singing the song of life. As is.

He felt that I was wasting my life. For I had been an excellent student and an ambitious professional. Everyone had thought that I would be at the helm of a multi billion dollar company one day.

I remained disturbed long after he had left. His questioning left me with a can of worms, which had opened in all it's ugly state. A can which I had thought had been cleaned, cleared one and dusted.But, it was right there in my face. And, staring at it I was helpless once more. For it had spread its tentacles all around me and was choking me. I was gasping for air.

A good two hours later I gathered myself up. "Why was I comparing?" "Were there traces of some poisoning left in me?"

Where I was today was a result of the choices I had made. And,t his was the life I had wanted. I had worked my way, diligently and systematically, to reach here. My friend had done the same.

"So why the comparison? Who was I to judge?"

The falsity of the situation created by my mind was crystal clear now. 

I was here because of me.

He was there because of him.

I chose what was right for me and he did the same.

My journey is mine as his journey is his.

And, once again I reached my own state.

No questions. No answers.

I exist.

In communion.

With the Universe.

Different choices. Different paths. Different destinations.

A different you!

A different me!

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